Required Summer Reading: The Culture Book: When Culture Clicks

Are you convinced that company culture is as critical an ingredient to success as say, cash flow or product excellence, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, The Culture Book: Volume 1 When Culture Clicks is a pragmatic field guide on how to build an authentic culture. Featuring stories from Southwest Airlines, Netflix, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and the Navy SEALs, as well as local Austin companies such as Sailpoint, WPEngine, SKG and YouEarnedIt, the book lays out an array of strategies that work.

In this book you will learn how to identify, embed and sustain your own authentic, high-performing culture. The Culture Book is full of practical lessons and tips you can put to use right now, including:

* Why and how every company should manage culture not just as a plan or program, but as a key strategic asset
* What specific programs and activities super successful culture thought leaders and C-suite executives think matters most of all
* What every employee must do to take accountability and drive a successful culture in the trenches
* How to accurately gauge the strength of your culture and craft a practical plan to improve day after day
* How to understand and optimize the powerful relationship between values and behavior
* How to apply innovative, never-before-published frameworks to improve employee retention
* Why leading experts disagree on whether the best cultures work like families or sports teams
* Why it’s not enough to simply copy someone else’s culture; how truly winning cultures map to the unique contours of each business
* How cultures at top companies have evolved over time, through thick and thin
* How great culture can become not just a calling card, but the key to enduring success and a long-term competitive advantage


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