Webinar: Sensor Fusion and Engineering Events Management in Automotive R&D

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ADAS and EV are driving innovations in automotive technology. With this wave of innovation come new challenges in development and test. You will learn how sensor fusion is being used in ADAS and EV development and how Automotive Engineers are speeding product development by managing and accelerating analysis of complex engineering events data. In this […]


Webinar: Automotive Design Verification Testing Accelerating Innovation

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See how automotive companies are using data strategies to meet goals in delivering robust products using engineering design verification early in the product development process and compressing product development cycle with simulations. REGISTER NOW


How ADAS and EV are Game Changers in Safety Testing

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With the push to bring vehicles to market more quickly, engineers are looking for new processes and technologies to further automate their workflows. ADAS and EV are compounding these challenges in the engineering test arena. In this webinar you will learn about how active and passive safety tests can be accelerated in cost-effective ways. We […]