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As a brand-new member of ATC, I’d like to start with a “give.” My new book, Outgrowing QuickBooks: Engineering Real Profit in Companies $10 Mil-$50 Mil was just published on September 8, 2020. It’s already achieved #1 New Release on Amazon.

What growing companies need to understand is that there are new decisions to be made when they go from $5 mil to $10 mil, or $10 mil to $20 mil. There are new strategies you can utilize regarding company systems and processes that are not available (or not cost-effective) at a smaller size. This book is intended to be the guide for you to learn some of those new opportunities, as well as provide you the right questions to ask so that you can engage your trusted advisor networks (Tax CPA, Auditor, Banker, Financial Planner, Insurance Broker, IT person, Lawyer, Fractional CFO, and more) into valuable conversations.

I’m happy to give a digital copy away to any ATC member that is willing to read it and provide an Amazon review.

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