New Member Spotlight: With Spry, Great PR Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

You’ve got an epic innovation that the world deserves to know about. You desperately need to generate some buzz in advance of your next funding round. You’re facing challenges recruiting talent against stiff competition.

No matter why you need great PR, most people assume it means big budgets, retainer commitments and a lot of time-intensive meetings. This is all time and budget you don’t have.

Enter Spry (, the world’s first on-demand mobile PR network. We make great PR accessible to every organization by giving you on-demand access to in-demand talent.

With Spry, just order what you need, when you need it. And our network of experienced PR pros and writers turn it around for you quickly. Faster, cheaper, better.

It’s all on the app. Download it today and see how Spry can make your budget work smarter:

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