New Member Spotlight: Notley

Notley provides capital and resources to socially innovative non-profit and for profit companies.

Whether your business needs seed funding or is looking to scale, our broad experience in the social sector makes us uniquely qualified to help your venture grow and maximize social impact. Unlike traditional investors, we provide access to the Notley ecosystem: a thriving network of mentors, capital providers, and social innovation savants that are working collaboratively to positively impact the world.

Notley was founded in 2015 by Dan Graham, founder of, and his wife, Lisa as a way to leverage their own business and investing success. Named for the abbey in Oxford, England where they were married, Notley’s mission is to fund and support businesses, non-profits, and programs making positive change and social impact in the world.

Notley serves as a hub for social innovation companies so that they can connect, share services, and find the resources to grow. The diversity of our portfolio allows companies to access a broad array of experts who can provide strategic advice tailored to their specific needs. In conjunction, Notley also has its own social impact initiatives — such as Philanthropitch and Startup Games — that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for social impact organizations and fostered community involvement in social innovation around the country.

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