New Member Spotlight : MacroFab

HOUSTON – On average, the electronics manufacturing industry onboards five new customers per quarter. The Houston-based startup, MacroFab, onboards hundreds per quarter through their innovative self-service, online platform. In January, MacroFab acknowledged their milestone 1,000th customer.

The current electronics manufacturing industry operates with decades-old systems of email and spreadsheets, managed by large teams of people. This results in wasted time, energy and money. Chris Church and Parker Dillmann recognized this problem and founded MacroFab in 2013. MacroFab eliminates the key challenges hardware companies face when bringing new products to market while enabling contract manufacturers to be more profitable through an innovative software platform.

MacroFab’s goal is to deliver an amazing experience at every touch point, always going bigger and better than what their customers expect. Their 1,000th customer is a testament to MacroFab’s customer-centric focus. MacroFab empowers their customers to
affordably and easily create the product of their dreams in a user-friendly manner. Once those customers are ready to go into production, MacroFab also manages those projects,
developing intimate and long-term relationships with their customers around the world.
This is evident through their five-star Google rating.

“We are entering the next big wave in innovation,” Church said. “Where we had the mobile movement take off a decade ago, we are now entering a world where hardware devices will enable technology to leap off of the desktop and become an integrated part of our daily lives,” he continued.

Startups and businesses around the world have plans for consumer electronics, breakthrough medical devices, control systems, or a new product introduction. They all have a common goal of launching their product as easily as possible. However, getting their products to market is a cumbersome and expensive process.

MacroFab is streaminling the electronics manufacturing process through instant quoting, online PCB management and turnkey services that include rapid, low volume prototyping and the ability to scale to high-volume production runs without switching manufacturers. This is virtually unheard of in the contract manufacturing industry.

“We are doing what nobody’s done before – we’re removing barriers, creating great products and making it easier for our customers to get to market,” Chris Turnley, Chief Revenue Officer for MacroFab said. “We are coming in at the inflection point for our customers who have struggled to get started and that’s huge for them,” he continued.

“Our job is to get them to market faster and easier, through our platform,” Church said.
“We are creating the platform that drives tomorrow’s innovation economy.”

MacroFab has a manufacturing facility in its Houston headquarters, where High-Mix/Low-Volume orders are made. In 2017, MacroFab developed partnerships with high-volume factories to absorb their excess capacity, so they can manufacture and assemble products for MacroFab’s customers. These factories use MacroFab’s online platform to manage incoming orders, which reduces costs on overhead and onboarding while increasing profitability. All the while, customers can check in on the status of their project, at any time, through the platform.

“We will continue to add new factories to our platform, with several more North American factories currently planned, as we continue to innovate and onboard hundreds of new customers per quarter,” Church said.

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