New Member Spotlight: Logical Heuristics

 Logical Heuristics delivers on transformation initiatives for digital business with deep expertise and valued frameworks to address the convergence of  Business, IT, OT, Vendors and Partner processes and practices that are effective, efficient and sustainable to meet Holistic Future Vision.

Our consultants come with long tenures in various industries including experience in business management, information and technology, and management consulting.

Our services deliver on value generation through tailored strategic solutions around three spectrums of digital business transformation

Business innovation Facilitating Value Creation and Value Proposition for digital business through enablement of innovative products, services, and business process optimization

Ambient Intelligence enabling Architecture Quality and Algorithmic Strategies for leveraging Cloud, Internet of Things, Machine Learning/AI and convergence of IT/OT 

Golden Triangle focussed on improving Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Maturity across people, process and technology through solutions around SDLC adoption, QA, Sourcing, Release Management, Test Automation, Tools, Environment Readiness, Governance, Organizational Change Management and Metrics/Measures

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