New Member Spotlight : BizBox

The team and tools you need to run and grow your business.

Our single most important goal at BizBox is to make sure small businesses succeed. How do we do that? It starts with simplifying how small businesses do business.

BizBox is a single platform that includes all of tools, services, and expertise you need to run and grow your business. Fifteen different passwords and ten different account reps to run and manage your business? That’s so yesterday. With BizBox your marketing, branding, accounting, HR and more, are all in one place. When we say “Finally, business made simple” we really mean it.

  • Logo Design: Build A Personal Brand – Receive a professional logo design that will help you build a powerful brand. Learn More
  • Web Design & Hosting: Flexible Web Design – Own a website that looks as great on your phone as it does on your laptop. Learn More
  • Search Engine Marketing: Get Found On Search – We’ll make sure your business shows up on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Learn More
  •  Social Media Marketing: Get Noticed On Social Media – Establish your brand across social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Learn More
  •  Email Marketing: Email Campaigns That Get Results – Create and send emails that sell more and attract new customers. Learn More
  •  Tax ID & Incorporation: Incorporate Your Business – From Tax ID to state filing, we help you get your business incorporated. Learn More
  •  Legal Services: Get Legal Protection – Get the legal services you need to protect your business and assets. Learn More
  •  Bookkeeping Services: Button-up Your Finances – Take care of your bookkeeping needs and consult on current processes. Learn More
  •  Payroll & HR: Manage Your Employees – Comply with state and federal regulations and help onboard employees. Learn More
  •  Asset Management: Keep Track Of Your Stuff – Keep your business assets in one place and stop hunting for everything. Learn More

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