New Member Spotlight : BancPass

BancPass was created to provide innovative toll payment solutions, leveraging existing retail and financial platforms for consumer convenience & savings!

“To increase toll revenues through commercial efficiencies and decreased costs to the operator; while delivering convenient payment solutions to consumers by leveraging financial and retail platforms.”

BancPass leads as an innovator by providing the Toll Processors and Consumers direct access to Electronic Payment Services technologies to increase efficiency and convenience in Toll Charge processing.

BancPass leverages online payment platforms, existing retail and banking outlets, and secure financial transaction services to provide consumers with a broad array of payment options for easy toll road access. It provides toll road authorities with an ideal means of servicing transactions through existing, secure financial networks that lowers costs, and provides new partners in the banking and retail sectors, with incentives to expand services for toll road users.

Our Goals Provide alternative payment solutions for the infrequent, transient, or untagged user Provide alternative payment solutions for the under-banked and unbanked Leverage existing, proven financial and retail platforms to lower operational costs and provide consumer choice for payment and customer service options Promote National Interoperability through common, operational payment platforms.


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