New Member Spotlight: Allerin Tech

Allerin is a software solution provider that delivers the most innovative and agile solutions to enable you to automate, inspire and impress.

From design to development to delivery, we are the most efficient in the business. We dedicate hours of painstaking analysis to develop solutions that not only cater to our customers’ current requirements but also scale seamlessly for future needs.


Allerin Tech


IoT- Leverage the power of Connectivity: – We develop IoT strategies, build applications using IoT framework, integrate with your existing landscape, or implement a new IoT solution for your enterprise.

AI – Delivering on Intelligence: – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are rapidly taking over the business world, and Allerin is ready to facilitate this transition for its customers

Big Data – Demand insights that are revolutionary: – Allerin is an established player for specialized solutions like big data analysis, data visualizations, and the development of applications that work on big data to provide intelligence and insights to enterprises of all sizes.

Prototyping- Adopt agility in approach: – Allerin’s prototype development helps you to assess your application in advance in order to figure out potential problems and roadblocks so that your team is well prepared.

RDaaS – Innovate for synergized success: – With R&D as a Service Offering, Allerin aims to jointly create value through strategic relationships that ensure soaring levels of innovation by coupling our experience with those of our partners/customers.

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