New Member Highlight: Tiger Pistol

Most brands have robust national advertising campaigns, and while these are important for driving broad awareness through activation via traditional channels, they ultimately lack a local touchpoint that allows them to reach potential customers when and where it counts. The Tiger Pistol Social Advertising Platform enables brands to activate locally, reaching consumers on their social media feeds with relevant social advertisements.

Tiger Pistol unlocks the value and efficiency of social advertising at scale for global brands, resellers, and agencies, spearheading the shift from national brand campaigns to local social advertising campaigns that drive real world engagement. Through local activation at global scale, Tiger Pistol delivers better social advertising performance, driving meaningful and measurable business impact for our clients.

Tiger Pistol’s Platform offers, for the first time ever, a method for brands to create and distribute Facebook & Instagram campaign templates to hundreds or thousands of locations and determine how much control individual locations have over ad content, duration, and budget.

For value-added resellers or agencies selling to independent small businesses, Tiger Pistol offers a purpose-built and cost-effective solution designed to support a media reseller or agency’s own menu of social service offerings, providing the automation and workflow capability needed to reduce the amount of time to process, build, launch, optimize, and monitor individual social advertising campaigns, whether they have a few hundred or thousands of local customers.

Some major platforms have begun to offer advertising objectives that align with local needs such as calls or visits, yet none offer the tools to activate or manage this at scale, especially for those with multiple locations.

Tiger Pistol’s unwavering focus on social advertising automation has yielded a unique, innovative, trusted, and results-oriented partnership with some of the largest global brands and resellers that realize the power of local activation at scale. Learn more about the results our clients have achieved through our case studies and testimonials.

Tiger Pistol has developed the future of social advertising at scale across the Facebook family of apps. Spirited, supportive, and proud, our hardworking team maintains these traits as the basis for our culture, uniting our offices in Austin, TX (HQ), Cleveland, OH, and our remote team members across the US.

Ready to simplify social advertising, and enable local activation at global scale? Contact Tiger Pistol today.