New Member Highlight: Sana Benefits

What are the top five questions you should ask Sana Benefits that proves that we are different from your traditional insurance broker agency?

What surprises you about the Healthcare Industry?

You have this huge chunk of our economy full of well-intentioned, highly trained people – doctors, nurses, support personnel, researchers, policy-makers – waking up every day trying to do a good job, but somehow the resulting system is just totally broken. The products and services are way too expensive, difficult to navigate and technologically backwards. And people largely hate interacting with their healthcare. It’s a paradox at the highest level.

What are Sana’s core values?

Transparency. Treating our members and employees like human beings. Building better designed and better-integrated products and services. Cutting out waste to lower total cost for everyone.

How does enrollment work? Do you integrate with any existing HRIS / Payroll / BenAdmin systems? Are you a BenAdmin system yourself?

We will help run the enrollment process for our customers if they want support. Our system accepts standard enrollment feeds that BenAdmin systems export. We can also accept spreadsheets. We are capable of building integrations with client systems, which we would do at no additional cost.

Other insurance broker agencies say customer service is a differentiator, but that often turns out not to be the case. How do I know your service is actually good?

Focus on Net Promoter Score at the highest level, the customer service team will respond within 24 hours.

What do I need to get a quick quote from y’all and can how soon can I get it?

  • You can get a quote from us in less than 10 minutes just by calling us at (833) SANA-123 or emailing us at We can give preliminary quotes without names, but we need names, DOB, zipcodes, gender and coverage tier for each dependent to give final quotes. We run the names against a pharmacy database that returns an anonymized group-level risk score to set final rates.