New Member Highlight | Q2

In 2004, Q2 founder Hank Seale set out to build a different kind of company dedicated to building stronger communities by strengthening the financial institutions (FIs) that serve them.
Hank knew that technology had massive potential to help FIs transform their businesses, but the fragmented, piecemeal approach of early internet banking vendors was only creating more cost and complexity for FIs to manage. How could he and his small group of engineers design a future-proof solution that could help financial institutions compete and grow? They imagined a platform—a single platform—integrating with all of an FI’s legacy technology. This decision would mean institutions using Q2’s platform could have one admin console to manage the same experience on mobile, online, and voice banking—and whatever may come next. In 2005, this was a radical idea—but we started there, and since then, Q2 has been designing and delivering software that creates meaningful financial experiences and supports lasting customer relationships.
Today, one out of 10 digital banking customers in America is using Q2’s single platform to bank. If that wasn’t enough, nearly 30% of the country’s top 100 banks find the power, flexibility, and performance of the platform to be key to their digital strategy. It’s amazing to see the power of a clear purpose, creativity, and a willingness to break down technical barriers.