New Member Highlight | KWR Strategies, LLC

KWR Strategies LLC was founded in May 2015 by Karen Robinson, former CIO for the State of Texas. Our consulting services exist to help SLED decision makers across the country connect with vendor partners to solve IT challenges. KWR helps organizations achieve goals by:

~Bridging gaps between political parties, the public-private divide
~Establishing collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships
~Blending personal relationships and technical expertise for maximum value
~Driving strategic thinking, fostering team dynamics and recommending suitable solutions for clients across the country.

The KWR team’s experience and relationships in information technology is amplified by their ability to connect innovative ideas and approaches with the right people to meet specific objectives. Collectively with over 40+ years in state government , KWR is known for managing, guiding, and translating policy into action. KWR has built strong teams and relationships to streamline agency operations. We have negotiated new service delivery contracts, developed a state of the art governance model and matured a billion dollar data center program.

KWR doesn’t just open doors; our team provides the best approach for clients to open the right doors for their goals by connecting ideas, IT solutions and industry leaders.