New Member Highlight – How Lunar Collective helps businesses optimize their junior developers

For younger companies short on both resources and time, onboarding new hires is a challenge. But what’s even more challenging is training junior devs fresh out of coding school who need a little extra support.

“When it comes to junior developers, the biggest thing I see companies fail to do is offer training support and processes,” said Justin Herrick, a former coding instructor and software consultant. “I’ll often see junior devs get thrown on a project with very little oversight or very little understanding of the code base. They end up spending a long time making assumptions about the code, which can be wrong.”

Herrick said he’s seen this occur most frequently at companies where someone gets promoted internally who hasn’t been trained on setting up processes or mentoring a new player — or in environments where a solid onboarding program is lacking.

To address this, Herrick, a self-taught coder in his own regard, launched training and software services under Lunar Collective.

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