New Member Highlight – GetUpside

Empowering people and businesses to thrive, and proving it

GetUpside brings the personalized offers found in the digital world to local brick-and-mortar businesses. Our online platform connects people with businesses so consumers get more purchasing power, merchants earn more profit, and value is driven back to our communities.  

By making interactions with customers more efficient, we can create the same delightful shopping experiences in our neighborhoods that we have come to expect online.

GetUpside’s growth beyond our Washington, DC headquarters has been swift and as we expand nationally, we are delighted to now be opening our second office in Austin.

In Austin, we will be looking to hire the sharpest minds committed to building out our truly revolutionary platform as we grow from our current offerings at gas stations to include restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies and more.

GetUpside’s Austin office will be led by Chief Revenue Officer Jen Millard, a retail innovation expert with thirty years’ experience in the retail and financial services sector with Mastercard, Saks and Bed Bath & Beyond. Millard hopes to fill at least twenty positions in engineering, marketing and operations this year in Austin.

“I am so excited to be leading the new Austin office for GetUpside. Austin is truly one of the country’s leading technology hubs and we are thrilled to be immersing ourselves in this vibrant community,” said Millard.  

GetUpside is not just a place for big thinkers or problem solvers. It’s also a place for people who embody our company values, and who believe in making their communities—our community—stronger. We have created a fun, dynamic, agile work environment that moves a mile-a-minute. We have a loose organizational structure with high expectations, which means each of our contributions directly impacts the success of our company. Here you’ll be challenged in a way that’s both thrilling and rewarding.

“We are proud and committed to being a leader in the Austin tech community, and we look forward to tapping into this network to grow our engineering and machine-learning teams,” said Alex Kinnier, GetUpside co-founder/CEO.

Contact: Jen Millard