New Member Highlight: Enterprise Ireland

What is the Irish Advantage?

Irish companies have a unique approach to partnering with global customers. The Irish workforce is one of the most flexible and educated in the world and a forward-looking mindset means that product, service and process innovation is a key driving factor. Coupled with a proven track record of meeting global market leader needs, the Irish Advantage is obvious.

Most Flexible and adaptable workforce in the world

A Top 10 Education System
Globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy

10th Most Reputable country in the world

The world’s most adaptable workforce means strong partnerships

Two of the most important things for any customer in choosing a partner are flexibility and adaptability. Ireland has been ranked first in the world for both by IMD in their 2017 Global Competitiveness Yearbook. This adaptability is a key factor in Irish companies’ success in overseas markets – enabling them to approach problems from the customer’s perspective and offer bespoke solutions to their specific requirements.

The adaptability of Ireland’s exporting companies is further helped by a young, motivated workforce, which, according to the OECD, is one of the most educated in the world. Ireland’s education system also ranks in the top 10 globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy.

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