New Member Highlight | Data Up: Fractional CTO, specializing in Business Analytics and Web Design

It’s hard for small businesses to cut through the noise when it comes to creating a solid technology strategy. There are too many options and they all make themselves sound great. Without a technology background, small business owners can find it difficult to have the proper technology strategy in place. This leads to months and years of inefficiency and tens of thousands of dollars in loss for the business.

Data Up provides Fractional CTO Service, specializing in Digital Business Analytics and Enterprise-level Web Design. We start by creating a personalized Brand Analysis that understands the current status of the business, future goals and wants of the stakeholders, and putting together ideas and tools that will help the business move forward. Our experienced consultants bring a mix of business and technology partnership to the table for your business that will help you lead a better business life.

We are based in Austin and work with clients throughout the United States. Check out our upcoming free workshops, on web design and analytics, here.

Reach out to us at, if you have any questions. Have a great day!