“Empowering People to Create Their Perfect Cups of Coffee” | Briggo Inc.

Empowering People to Create Their Perfect Cups of Coffee

Briggo is recognized for its transformative robotic technology that delivers gourmet specialty coffee and tea to on-the-go consumers. Ordering ahead from the Briggo mobile app or on the Coffee Haus touchscreens, customers become their own barista by customizing their favorite drinks. With robotics driven precision and efficiency, the drinks are crafted within minutes from Briggo’s custom whole-bean blend, fresh dairy, and gourmet syrups.

By recognizing a need for a convenient and consistently high-quality coffee offering in high-traffic locations such as airports, corporate HQs, universities, hospitals, and grocery stores, Briggo has become the leader in Connected Coffee. We currently operate a fleet of robotic barista throughout Texas and the Bay Area and have major growth plans for 2020 with our newest manufacturing and distribution partners Foxconn and SPP America. 

Other Briggo partners include Dell Technologies, Whole Foods Market, and Bay area roasters Sightglass and Verve. 

To learn more Briggo or to get a Coffee Robot check out Briggo.com/solutions or send us an email at info@briggo.com.