New Member Highlight – Bonsai

If your organization builds applications, you’ll likely need to build search functionality. There’s a surprising amount of complex technology that goes behind a search box. Bonsai’s fully managed Elasticsearch solution helps your developers focus on the parts of app search that drive your business, and not on the hassles of deployment, maintenance, security, or scaling. Index petabytes of data in real-time, without having to hire costly Elasticsearch ops engineers that are hard to find.

Bonsai has been managing hosted search-as-a-service longer than any other search provider. We offer three major benefits that you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. The evergreen cluster: Your business can lose money and time when its search functionality doesn’t work. Bonsai guarantees that all production clusters are up, running, and performant at all times.
  2. An agile platform: Save time getting search configured and running. Bonsai allows your developers to deploy fully secure, production-ready Elasticsearch search clusters in seconds. Get up and running faster, and test new and improved search configurations with less work. 
  3. Real-time support by search experts: Who likes to pay more just to get basic questions answered? Enterprise customers receive real-time support in a dedicated Slack channel. Get answers from experts on any search-related question. Then, get back to work. 

Bonsai is a trusted search partner to, Bonobos, Indeed, and Oxfam. Our office is right next to Once Over Coffee on 1st Street. Come grab a coffee with a search expert on our team to discuss how we can help you get more value out of app search.