New Member Highlight | Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM)

Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) bridges the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities. With the Black and Hispanic communities consisting of less than 25% of Austin’s technology industry and 81% of the population that does not have internet access, AUTM recognizes the importance of training the workforce for tomorrow, while leading diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within the city.

In order to reshape Austin’s tech ecosystem and increase the number of Black and Hispanics within the space, we expose K-12 and college students to different technology career paths through our Horizons and Day in the Life programs. We also upskill and reskill students and adults through our online curriculum and workforce development cohorts. Additionally, we also build their social capital through our corporate events and annual ReThink Austin at SXSW event.

AUTM is solving Austin’s technology skills shortage and addressing the racial wealth divide (this has gotten wider since 1980) by having consistent programming, collaborating with like-minded individuals, and over-communicating on our programs, events, and state wide initiatives. To learn more on how you can work with AUTM to solve the lack of talent, improve digital equity, or eliminate the racial wealth divide in the Black and Hispanic communities, please email