New Member Highlight | Allstacks Provides Critical Insights to Track and Improve Software Delivery

Allstacks helps organizations track and improve software development for more predictable software delivery outcomes. Our leading forecasting and risk management platform uses machine learning and AI models across data from the entire software development life cycle to identify at-risk initiatives so you can take action and stay on track. We gather and analyze past work data and behavior from the tools your team is already using, making it fast and easy to get started and see value.

Although we serve customers across the U.S., our fastest-growing communities are in our home base cities of Austin and Raleigh, N.C.; customers include SailPoint, Netlify, nCino, AlertMedia, Zebra, ClearDATA, Data.World and others.

“Using Allstacks, I can consolidate and organize all of my engineering processes in one place to quickly make changes and better understand where my inefficiencies lie. I get a clear picture of where we are, so I can determine where we want to be,” says John Steinmetz, Convo’s CTO. “I have to justify my investment in software, tools, and hiring new resources. Allstacks helps me gain an understanding of that landscape.”

In the last year, Allstacks has grown to 20 employees and tripled its revenue. Key investors include S3 Ventures, TechStars, Hyperplane, Polaris Partners, Wildcat Venture Partners, Uncommon Denominator and more.

Reach out to us today to discuss your software delivery goals. You can find us online at via email, or give us a call at 919.999.2745.