New Member Highlight: Aligned Energy

Aligned with Your Future, Aligned with You

Aligned Energy is a leading data center provider offering innovative, sustainable and adaptable colocation and build-to-scale solutions for cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers. Our smart, adaptive technology enables flexible deployments, allowing customers to rapidly scale in place and truly “future-proof” their data center deployments. Our management team boasts senior level experience from among the industry’s largest and most established wholesale operators.

With the evolution of 5G and applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), customers are desiring a more dynamic data center offering that will allow them to scale rapidly, while maintaining operational simplicity. Aligned’s smart, adaptive design allows customers to place both low-density and high-density racks adjacent to one another in a given data hall, enabling them to scale up by adding power rather than acquiring additional space.

Aligned’s data center platform is comprised of four core pillars: Velocity, Scalability, Adaptability and Sustainability – or VSASTM.

Focused on an advanced supply chain and site selection process, Aligned’s Velocity allows new data center builds to be delivered in as few as six months. These initial deployments typically range from 2 to 20+ MW, and scale beyond in as little as three months. At any given point in time, Aligned’s vendors hold an approximately 50 MW, auto-replenished pool of available inventory, ready for immediate deployment and comprised of prefabricated, factory-built and tested power and cooling equipment.

Our patented cooling technology, Delta Cube, allows for maximum Scalability. Customers can deploy infrastructure where and when they need it, and reconfigure quickly and seamlessly (and usually within the same footprint) as their requirements change. They can initiate at one density profile and scale up to 50 kW per rack without disruption.

Aligned’s Adaptable infrastructure enables customers to deploy infrastructure quickly as needed (and reconfigure seamlessly if necessary) as their businesses grow – allowing for true future-proofing.

Founded on the premise of solving energy consumption and water usage challenges associated with data center infrastructure, Aligned is helping companies meet their Sustainability goals, deliver greater business value with less costly energy and infrastructure resources.

For more information, email or download our informational white paper.