Craftlogic Offer – No Risk Trial of 20 hrs of RaaS (recruiting as a service)

Recently Craftlogic software joined the ATC and we look forward to becoming very involved with other members. To introduce ourselves to other members Craftlogic has a special promotion just for ATC members. We our offering our services on a NO Risk basis. Try our services for 20 hours and if you’re not 100% satisfied or feel this isn’t the best way for you to find your talent let us know and there will be no charge for the 20 hours of services.

RaaS ( recruiting as a service) is going to be the new way for technical companies to find the best and most qualified candidates. Using RaaS from Craftlogic you can expect to receive the highest quality candidates at a substantial savings of up to 85% off traditional IT and Sales staffing costs.

We would invite you to watch the following videos on RaaS and who Craftlogic is and contact one of our consultants to discuss your specific needs. Please visit to submit your contact details and one of our Consultants will contact you within the next 24 hours.

Contact us at (800)887-8405 or

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