Comp Online Mindset Presentation and/or Coaching Session and 40% off Energize Your Mindset Assessment & Programs until July 15

Are you up to your neck in alligators with the unknowns surrounding COVID-19, the reopening of the economy, and other current events? Let me help you and your organization move from the dreaded swamp to an energized growth mindset overflowing with opportunities. Here are 4 ways—3 free—that I can help:

1. Complimentary Online Presentation: 8 Tips for Moving On From the COVID-19 Alligator Pit
This popular talk can be hosted by me on Zoom or you can host a session on your platform. (More here.)

2. Complimentary One-on-One Coaching Session on an alligator pit you are experiencing.
I am an Executive Coach credentialed by the prestigious International Coach Federation.

3. Interesting reads: Energize Your Mindset: 8 Tips for Moving On From the COVID-19 Alligator Pit or 7 Tips for Getting Out of the Covid-19 Alligator Pit”, Texas CEO Magazine

4. 50% off my Energize Your Mindset Assessment and 40% off my Energize Your Mindset Program until July 15.

Yes, that alligator pit can seem overwhelming sometimes, and it’s perfectly understandable during this period of upheaval. But if we consciously choose to shift our core thoughts to the positive, we can transform a negative fixed mindset to a positive, energized growth mindset that offers all sorts of opportunities and unexpected outcomes.

I’d love to hear from you at, 512-740-9089, or by appointment at

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