Senior Content Marketer at Modernize

Category: Marketing / Advertising / PR
Location: Austin, Texas

80% of homeowners do not know what their budget is when they are wanting to replace their roof, 65% of homeowners do not know where to begin.  With so many different places for homeowners to find answers, the answers can be confusing, conflicting and unhelpful—adding stress to the process.  Your goal is to drive awareness and acquisition by communicating authoritatively the value we provide, building trust, and moving homeowners to interact with Modernize to complete their projects with as little stress as possible.


What you will do:


  • Content Strategy: Lead the development of content strategy for campaigns and content experiences, including generating  targeted and differentiated homeowner-centric narratives, content journeys and playbooks (including calls-to-action). Own and oversee project deliverables that bring those narratives to life. Work within the Homeowner Communication team to uncover audience and competitive insights, analyze prior content and campaign performance data and insights, and champion best practices. Incorporate the following viewpoints into our strategy:
    • Homeowner Demand: Get to know the business needs and aspirations, content consumption preferences and behavior, channel preferences and behaviors for our audiences via different sources
    • Competitive: Monitor the competitive landscape and all best-in-class publishers to find growth opportunities and inform our content best practices
  • Content Playbooks/Models: Determine appropriate creation models,  for each idea, given the available expertise, talent and resources.
    • Original Content: Create content ideas and assets that include copy, treatments, emails, and other written executions.
    • Commission Content: Contribute to the ideation process with stakeholder content teams to turn data and insights into new content types and experiences. Conduct story research utilizing internal and external sources. Search sources (e.g. our internal content libraries) for content to potentially curate and re-use.
  • Workflow Management:
    • Performance: Monitor content performance and ensure that all content meets SEO guidelines, has keyword focus, cross links, and clear calls to action. Collaborate with digital and Campaign teams to ensure concept, A/B, and multivariate testing occurs and is aligned to the goal of the content strategy. Monitor the story dashboard on a weekly basis and make recommendations to optimize, kill, or extend content based on its performance.
    • Production: Manage content production to hit project milestones, stay within budget, and meet delivery dates.
  • Research and Testing:
    • Lead and oversee creative and audience research testing. Turn data and insights from this testing into stronger creative and new ideas for all teams.  
  • Content Distribution:
    • Work with SEO, marketing and outreach teams, to ensure campaigns are promoted and shared across all appropriate channels.
    • Ensure all uses of content are synchronous, cohesive and fit into the overall content strategy at Modernize.  


What we’re looking for:

  • 5-8 years of experience in brand strategy/planning in digital/content/media.
  • Self-directed, thrives in a fast-paced environment, strong communication skills.
  • Demonstrated experience developing a content strategy and execution of its tactics.
  • Rock solid understanding of optimal multi-channel approach: social, digital, media, and content metrics. Experience with media planning, distribution, measurement, optimization, and development of content.
  • Editorial competency.
  • Well-developed organizational skills.
  • Excellent skills in gathering and analyzing internal and external research into sound content analyses.
  • Familiarity with content/social analytics platforms.
  • Experience with project management tools for execution of content strategy.
  • Passionate about taking a new-media approach to content, with a demonstrable track record.
  • Demonstrable experience with SEO, including on-page structure, topical focus and link acquisition.
  • Collaborative yet provocative thought leader.
  • A portfolio that demonstrates your ability to facilitate and initiate creative thinking in the digital space.
  • Bonus: experience in the home improvement industry.