Infrastructure Engineer at WinMax Systems

Category: Developer/Engineer, Perl, Python, Ruby
Location: Austin, Texas

9 months contract


This role involves creating and maintaining highly complex, scalable and efficient Verification flows and solutions.

The responsibilities for this role span the regression management system, interactive user requirements, Triaging of regression fails, revision control systems and working with outside EDA vendors.


  • Experience with automation and scripting needed for Verification Front End tools and flows.
  • Knowledge of Verification Tools (Simulators, Waveform debug tools) on how they work, how they interact, and what data they produce
  • Hands-on experience on scripting using Perl, Ruby, Python, tcsh, zsh, and Makefile
  • Knowledge about SQL style databases and query commands
  • Knowledge of Source Code Repositories
  • Experience with Compute Farm batching systems
  • Working knowledge of Verilog, UVM, SV and SVA. Background with working with multiple EDA vendors that support the integration of their Verification Tools