Content Manager at MacroFab, Inc.

Category: Business Development / Sales
Location: Houston, Texas

About the Content Manager

You will be responsible for all things content at MacroFab. This includes fully managing the  blog schedule, social media accounts and our email drip campaigns. We have a team of freelance writers that generate most of our content. You will be responsible for managing blog topics, ensuring writers deliver on time, proofing all content, uploading to our WordPress site and promoting the blogs on social media.

 You will be in charge of all of our social media accounts, including working with the Marketing team on executing campaigns, developing and implementing strategies, growing our audience and generating qualified leads from social media.

 We have robust email drip campaigns based on the customer journey. You will be responsible for optimizing existing content to ensure they are performing at their highest levels, creating new drip campaigns as needed to nurture/convert more customers/leads, respectively.

 You will also establish our referral campaign and take on other initiatives as they arise, related to content. We provide the freedom to try new things, experiment and grow within the company and professionally.

 The ideal candidate has a passion for content, is ambitious and self-motivated. You love to educate people through storytelling to get your audience excited about a product. You know how to grow an engaged audience on social media. You move fast to generate better results and you apply SEO tactics to each piece of content to ensure it gets seen by as many qualified people as possible.

What you will do:

  • Growing organic traffic is your #1 priority. This will happen  through impactful blog topics, and white hat SEO for all web content.
  • Creating, maintaining and executing a content schedule, using available resources including freelance and internal writers.
  • Responsible for MacroFab’s website content, including blog posts, news releases and general content maintenance.
  • Own MacroFab’s social media presence, creating and implementing strategies to increase qualified traffic to our site. Experimenting with various channels/tactics that are aligned with our tone and audience.
  • Improving web traffic to conversion rates
  • Optimize current and develop new email drip campaigns
  • Proofing all content for SEO, grammar, tone, etc.
  • Refine MacroFab’s tone
  • Build out our referral program for both existing customers and through influencers.
  • Working closely with the Marketing team to implement actions based metrics
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by Marketing


  • 3-5 years of SEO experience including keyword research, keeping updated on SEO best practices, all to drive organic growth.
  • 3-5 years of social media management and proven experience in growing leads sourced from these channels
  • 2+ years of email management with a history of improving conversion rates
  • Consistently creating compelling content that converts
  • Outstanding ability to think creatively, strategically , and identify and resolve problems

It would be incredible if you had:

  • Knowledge of the electronics manufacturing industry
  • Video experience
  • 1+ years of Hubspot experience

 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Growing qualified organic traffic, quarter over quarter
  • Increasing web traffic to sign up rate, quarter over quarter
  • Increasing brand awareness via social media quarter over quarter

What You should expect:

  • A fast paced work environment
  • To be challenged on a daily basis
  • To be a key member of the team that will help shape the department as we grow
  • To work hard and build a career.
  • To have a great time with great people.
  • To be empowered to solve problems

Company Benefits:

  • Small teams, big impact. Take complete ownership of your role and generate real results.
  • Company Equity
  • Competitive Salary
  • Flexible PTO
  • Excellent Medical Insurance
  • Collaborative and open company culture

Required Cover Letter Questions (limit answers to 250 words each):

  1. Why are you interested in working at MacroFab?
  2. Describe a recent marketing campaign or outreach that you launched that was successful in reaching your desired target audience. What did you do? What was the strategy behind the campaign? What were the results?
  3. Which of your talents or skills has proven most useful for you in Marketing? Explain what the skill is and how it has been useful in your current line of work or study
  4. Why should MacroFab hire you?