3D Artist at Elite CEU, Inc.

Category: Design, Developer/Engineer
Location: Austin, Texas


Based in Austin, Texas, Elite CEU has been a nationwide leader in online training since 2004. You will be working closely with our team of professional educators to develop realistic virtual reality training scenarios for high consequence industries and shape the future of professional education.


This position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with 1-2 years experience as a 3D Artist.


Reliable and trusted to complete tasks in a timely manner
Ability to manage multiple activities at one time
Exceptional communicator that conveys information clearly in writing
Knowledge of Unity, Microsoft Suite, and Google Drive
Familiarized with communicating via the web. EX: email, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc…
Maintain confidentiality due to customer proprietary information
Highly detailed thinker that demonstrates skill in identifying inconsistencies during developing and creating 3D/VR training simulations
Knowledge of debugging in the 3D platforms
Experienced in 3D art tools (Maya, Modo, Blender, etc…)
Creativity in graphic arts and video production


Develop high quality and cutting edge 3D arts for VR training simulations
Animate characters and objects for 3D arts for VR mock scenarios
Utilize VR/3D modeling, mapping, texturing, lighting techniques, etc. to create visual elements
Attend team meetings to discuss VR training related issues, work progress, etc
Review VR/3D arts and provide recommendations for improvements for VR training
Create, refine, render, composite VR/3D arts for creating a realistic dangerous training scenarios
Create VR/3D models from photos, CAD drawings, and real-world objects
Troubleshoot problems on reintegration of outsourced assets into the VR applications
Develop high poly sculpts and textures for a realistic VR experience
Create 3D assets for training environments and simulation models
Ensure to meet high artwork standards to create realistic VR training
Discuss with team members on any problems on the needs of the project
Understand the project requirements and develop high-quality 3D models for VR
Provide high-end photographic style computer rendered visuals
Creative approaches to represent ideas and concepts in 3D for VR training applications