Introducing Bolstered

Last year, we started to notice things about our friends and colleagues:

• They were stressed at work, even though many were working at really cool, innovative companies with a strong mission
• Their companies were missing the mark on corporate perks – some were meaningful and others were not, despite large investments being made by their employers
• The most important thing people wanted was more time – they wanted to be able to focus on interesting projects at work and also be fully present at home to do the other activities that they love

Next, we did some market research and found that this was not only an issue with our friends, but was also a broader problem in the workforce. We found that:

• Almost everyone we surveyed said that a company’s perks are an important factor when deciding whether to join a company
• 90% of people we surveyed said that access to concierge-style benefits would somewhat or greatly improve their work-life balance
• According to a Paychex survey, the average employee spent 1.5-3 hours on non work-related tasks during the work day

We decided there is a better way for companies to provide perks to their employees and that’s why we created Bolstered. Our model allows employees to redeem monthly allotted points for concierge-style services. Bolstered can walk your dog, wait at your house for the plumber to come or plan your next vacation. Additionally, managers can reward employees with extra points to celebrate a milestone or acknowledge a job well done.

We believe that the best perk a company can give its employees is time.

– Nicole King, Bolstered Co-Founder

Bolstered Perks