How Do You Sustain Your Public Relations Momentum Post-SXSW?

SXSW 2018 is over…and, with it, the excitement, media coverage, long lines, non-stop networking and sleep deprivation that make this gathering the preeminent technological exposition in the world. But, as the world moves on, how do you sustain – and even accelerate –momentum beyond the attention you were clever enough to score last month?

Beyond the obviously newsworthy product launches or funding round announcements, you probably have lots of stories to sitting right under you nose, waiting to be told throughout the year.

A noteworthy hire, a major customer win, a marketing or sales milestone, a philanthropic partnership…each of these have real news value. The trick is to identify the media gatekeepers who are most likely to be interested in each story and to differentiate your “pitch” from the scores of others that these gatekeepers receive on a daily basis.

Another effective strategy to sustain your company’s editorial momentum is to get in front of issues that are of particular importance to your stakeholders. How about writing a bylined article with a compelling point of view for an influential trade publication or website? Alternatively, offer journalists access to company spokespeople who has a distinctive perspective on an emerging issue within your industry.

Fortunately, Spry’s on-demand PR network ( has you covered. The tech world moves faster than any other industry. You have neither the time nor the money for an ongoing retainer or full-time hire. But as the world’s first on-demand mobile PR network, we give you instant access to a diverse network of communications and journalism experts.

More importantly, our proprietary algorithm will instantly match your need with an expert who understands your unique niche, the angles that resonate and the media gatekeepers.

First step? Download the Spry client app ( Then, choose from our menu of services: news release, blog post, bylined article or fact sheet. Answer a few quick questions about your news and specify your deadline. If you need a comprehensive list of print and broadcast journalists and on-line influencers who are most likely to be interested in your news, we’ve got that covered, too.

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SXSW may have ended, but with Spry, your momentum is just getting started!