High Tech Bootcamps – Making an Impact on Job Seekers

If you’re looking to transition into a new industry – say, the tech industry, perhaps? – you’re likely wondering what the best learning & development option is for you. A professional bootcamp like the ones offered by the FlatIron School may be your best fit. If you’re wondering what steps you should take to gain the skills you need for your dream job, Lauren Bauml, campus director at the FlatIron School, has some great insight into the bootcamp option!
There are 5,200 new tech jobs in Austin last year. This is a prime time to revisit your professional goals.

The Austin Technology Council is our member’s biggest cheerleader. We are proud to connect member employees with media opportunities like the one you just saw. Our organization is frequently contacted to source tech leaders for high-visibility media opportunities like:

  • live interviews with local & national new outlets
  • guest appearances on radio & video podcasts
  • community highlights in printed publications
  • expert speaker/panelist invites to distinguished community events
  • and many more

Members: email Caitlin to tell us about your expertise so we can connect you to the right opportunity.

Future Members: email Caitlin to discuss this and more member benefits like it and how ATC can help your company reach its goals.

Felix Media Solutions Announces Partnership with Bluewater Technologies Group

Congrats to ATC Member company, Felix Media Solutions, who announced their partnership with Bluewater Technologies Group early this week! What does this mean for clients of the Austin-based AV integration company, FMS? In addition to continuing their work to give their clients an integrated AV design-build and consultation, FMS clients will now receive meeting and event support, access to retail offerings, and creative and software services through this alliance.

“FMS has been looking for a partner that would share the same vision and values around how to meet the market and how to build an amazing culture,” says Lionel Felix, President/CEO, Felix Media Solutions. “With Bluewater as a partner, FMS can be the best version of itself and help serve more markets alongside a company that embodies excellence and vision.”

Felix Media Solutions is revolutionizing the commercial AV market by prioritizing client experience and providing the best customer service in the industry. Their dedication to client satisfaction is why they are the fastest growing AV company in Texas. They come from a strong foundation in technology and take pride in translating their technical mastery into smart, easy-to-use solutions. They work on new construction and retrofit commercial interiors.

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ATC Welcomes New Board Member, Shay Sabhikhi

Austin Technology Council is pleased to welcome Shay Sabhikhi to the Board of Directors.

Shay is responsible for overall company growth and strategic direction. He has more than 18 years of entrepreneurial leadership, product development, and management experience with growth-stage, venture-backed companies and high-growth software divisions within Fortune 50 companies.

“Shay’s experience with both large enterprise and start-ups provide important experience on our board.  CognitiveScale is one of the most exciting companies coming out of Austin in recent years and the way he has led the company’s growth and his vision for its future also makes his voice key as we continue to focus on our BHAG.” said ATC CEO, Amber Gunst.

Previously, Shay was the global leader for Smarter Care at IBM. He successfully led and managed the acquisition of Curam Software to establish IBM’s leadership at the intersection of Social Programs and Healthcare. He has a BS & MS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Acton School of Entrepreneurship.

Shay served for two years as the Vice Chair of Innovation for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, where his mandate was threefold: 1) initiate programs that support a strong and unique innovation ecosystem in the Austin region, 2) attract world-class talent to Austin’s corporations and research institutions, and 3) attract more investment capital to support growing businesses.

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