UDS Systems :Global March for Elephants & Rhinos ATX

WHAT: Wild Night Out, Innovative Tech Saves Species Fundraiser

WHEN: Sunday, December 2, 2018, 6-10pm

WHERE: Vuka Gather Venue S, 411 W Monroe St Austin, Texas 78704

WHO: Global March ATX Presents TCU Rhino Project and Air Shepherd Program

WHY: Prevent EXTINCTION of Endangered Species

EVENT: Tickets:



PROGRAM: Expert Speakers, VIP Dinner, Exhibitors, Last Tusker Film Intro, Music, Art, Appetizers, Cocktails, Silent Auction, African Wilderness Safari Auction/Raffle, Door Prizes.

New to Austin’s Tech Industry, local wildlife advocates welcome Robert Hannaford, Co-Founder, Director of UDS System LLC and his Partners, Co-Founders, Otto Werdmuller and George Sayegh. Robert is also Technical Director of the award-winning, Air Shepherd, which employs innovative technology to protect elephants and rhinos in poaching hot spots across Africa.

“We use drones that can fly at night and find poachers before they kill. It works. It’s proven. The poaching STOPS.” Event Presenter, Robert Hannaford, of Air Shepherd Air Shepherd / Time Magazine Article “Rhino poaching has increased 9000% in South Africa alone. Across Africa, an elephant is poached every 14 minutes, a rhino every 7 hours. At this rate, both species will be extinct within 10 years.” Event Presenter, Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at TCU, Dr. Mike Slattery, launched an initiative that would help change the lives of one specific animal: the rhinoceros. “Wrapping protection around the rhinos is first priority. This includes anti-poaching units, dog patrols, 24/7 human protection, dehorning the animals and building game reserves.” “There’s a lot of people around the world that are scrambling to try and figure out how to protect the species,” Slattery said. “They’re figuring out how to stop the poaching, how to reduce the demand and how to move this needle back towards a much more sustainable growth population of the species.” See: TCU’s Rhino Initiative

Learn how new research fueled the idea of harnessing IBM Cloud, the Internet of Things (loT) and predictive analytics technologies to combat the poaching of rhinos: Speaker, IBM Corporate Strategy, Markus van Kempen, will share how this new field strategy can make poaching predictable and therefore nearly impossible – effectively replacing guns with innovative technology.

Check out our Drone displays and learn more about DNA Analysis, Acoustic Traps, Thermal Imaging and other technology designed to stop criminal syndicates in their ongoing attempt to poach animals for the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade. And join with the Austin Tech Community to support this vital work at Tech ATX Fund for Wildlife.

For Interviews and additional information, please contact: Robert Hannaford, Air Shepherd: 512-993-0814 / Dr. Mike Slattery, TCU Initiative: 817.257.7506 / Judy Brey, Global March ATX: 512-696-8656 /

CEO Summit Keynote Speaker


Vice President and Senior Economist

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Mark Wynne is Vice President, Associate Director of Research and Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Globalization Institute. In the latter role, Wynne is responsible for developing and leading the Bank’s research program on globalization and understanding its implications for the conduct of U.S. monetary policy.

Since joining the Dallas Fed in 1989, he has had a variety of responsibilities, including briefing the Bank’s president on national and international economic conditions prior to meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, providing updates on key economic issues to the Bank’s board of directors and conducting research on the effects of fiscal policy, understanding business cycles, inflation measurement, the regional impact of global shocks, the natural rate of interest and the workings of monetary unions, among other topics. His research has appeared in many of the leading peer-reviewed academic journals and Federal Reserve publications. He co-edited the volume The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Global Economy: A Historical Perspective with Michael D. Bordo, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016.

Wynne has taught at University College Dublin, the University of Rochester, Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas.

He earned first-class-honors BA and MA degrees from the National University of Ireland–University College, Dublin, and holds MA and PhD degrees in economics from the University of Rochester.

Austin Technology Council is Pleased to Announce Amber Gunst Appointed Interim CEO

Austin Technology Council Appoints Amber Gunst as Interim CEO

The Austin Technology Council (ATC) is pleased to announce that Amber Gunst has been appointed their Interim CEO.

Mark McClain, CEO & Founder of Sailpoint and Chairman of the Board of ATC, notes that ATC was able to accomplish several key objectives under the leadership of Brunner. “We have refined and refocused our offerings to member tech companies, most of whom are established and scaling companies, assisting them as they grow their businesses and expand their markets.  As the voice for this largest segment of the tech community, ATC is committed to helping Austin grow its established tech companies to become next generation leaders in the market. We are grateful to Barbary for her contributions and wish her well on her new role.”

Gunst will now continue to implement ATC’s mission and gave the following statement on her new role: “I am honored to continue the great work ATC has done under Barbary’s tenure, and look forward to further increasing ATC’s support for our member companies, along with reinforcing the close relationships we have developed with our community partners. The programming we have created supports our goal of growing 10 Austin-based tech companies to their first billion in revenue, and another to 100 companies to $100M is key to growth in our community. My mission is to keep ATC and our members at the forefront of Austin’s future.”

Gunst first joined ATC in the role of Head of Sales and Membership Services and worked alongside Brunner and the leadership team to craft a new vision for member engagement and growth. Their efforts resulted in doubling membership in less than a year while also significantly increasing the retention rate of our current members.

She is starting her new role after an impressive 20-year career in sales and business development. She is an expert in member association sales and services, having spent four years at the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, where she was the top sales and retention leader of all Chambers of Commerce in the state of Texas. She ranked in the top seven nationally in sales of Chambers with revenue over $1.5M. Directly prior to her role at ATC, Gunst worked for a global staffing firm where she was responsible for client development and management and consulting staff management. This role allowed her to develop a strong understanding of the talent and staffing needs for our region’s tech companies. She also serves as a mentor for the Founder Institute’s global accelerator program.

“Amber is a natural choice to immediately step in to continue the plan we have created to help grow Austin tech companies. I have no doubt that she will provide enormous value to our member companies, and the tech ecosystem as a whole for Austin. I’m looking forward to seeing ATC grow even more under her leadership,” said Brunner.

About Austin Technology Council (ATC)

The Austin Technology Council (ATC) is the voice of Central Texas’ diverse and thriving technology and life sciences industries, representing more than companies and more than 60% of Austin’s tech workforce. The Austin technology sector contributes $22.3 billion annually to the regional economy and supports more than one third of local jobs. By convening Austin’s top technology leaders, ATC is leading the effort to meet the future needs of the industry through increased access to capital, new and diverse technical talent in the region, mentorship for emerging companies, and connectivity across the industry and with key stakeholders in Texas and around the world.  For more information, please visit


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