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Welcome to ATC: Inventive

Inventive is a software product team that gets shit done, brilliantly.

No, really — It’s kind of our M.O.

Improving lives through technology is our mission and why we show up each and every day ready to deliver the best data-backed and solutions-driven results. At Inventive, we pride ourselves in our passion for developing new products, our tireless attention to detail, and our commitment to creating our best work every time. All the while having as much fun (and sharing as many laughs) as possible. We like to think that’s what helps to set us apart from other tech companies, and so do our clients.

We are a veteran-led software consulting firm based in beautiful Austin, Texas, specializing in custom software development, product development, UI/UX design, cloud migrations, web development, and mobile application development.

Want to work and/or collaborate with us?! (We were hoping you’d say that.)

Connect with us today, and visit our website for more info.

Welcome to ATC: Serent Capital

Founded in 2008, Serent Capital is a leading lower-middle market private equity firm focused on investing in high growth B2B software and technology-enabled companies.

We focus on investing in founder-owned, bootstrapped companies that are profitable and growing. Typically, platform investments have at least $5MM in recurring revenue. We actively pursue M&A for our portfolio companies.

Our operating model is distinct in its focus on business building. We strive to be an involved, value-added investor, capable of providing significant operational and strategic support to our portfolio company CEOs on the most critical issues that they face as their companies scale.

Serent’s in-house Growth Team includes over a dozen top-tier experts who actively partner with our companies to accelerate growth by providing strategic and operational support in areas such as sales and marketing, M&A, and payments. Our dedicated Human Capital team works hand-in-hand with our companies to identify, recruit, and hire key talent and collaborate on the long-term organizational design.

Serent has been recognized as a top Founder Friendly firm by Inc. for its unique approach to partnership and business building. There are over 50 companies in Serent’s portfolio, including 37 active platform investments. Serent Capital recently closed their fourth fund of $750 million, bringing the firm’s total committed capital to approximately $2 billion.

Serent Capital has offices in Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California.

To learn more visit or contact

Welcome to ATC: ISITA

ISITA is home to your omnichannel solution experts.

High performance Omni solution services are difficult to come by, especially for early-stage companies, which are strapped for cash and are typically provided the bottom-of-the-rank resources by e-commerce agencies. ISITA Tech solves this problem by focusing entirely on this market and innovating the traditional model.

We provide top quality resources at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

ISITA Tech clients are an elite bunch that have been through top accelerators like 500 Startups, and Alchemist Accelerator, or have raised a private round of funding from institutional investors.

Unlike most firms, ISITA’s primary focus is on driving ROI for its clients. You pay for services, you pay for platforms, and you make money. We work to make sure the last number is greater than the first two, and with month-to-month contracts, we get results within weeks.

We have offices in Austin and support clients across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Our goal is to make every client a successful case study and to earn a testimonial 100% of the time.

To learn more, please email and our executive team will get back to you within 24 hours!

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