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ATC Introduces Virtual Roundtables in Response to Community Changes

After a week or more of remote work, continuing to build business relationships, keep the community connected, and offer professional growth opportunities is still top of mind for tech business leaders. Our community members are eager to share their expertise, current services, product launches, etc. but are looking for the right vehicle to share their message. In response to our community’s need, ATC introduces Virtual Roundtables, hosted online as a healthy and responsible alternative to our in-person Roundtable breakfasts.

ATC promotes and supports the growth of the Austin Tech community, even in this uncharted reality. Through the ATC Virtual Roundtables, we work with your company to craft an impactful industry topic and then invite tech leaders to participate in open discussion facilitated by your company’s subject matter expert.

Virtual Roundtables are hosted online via fellow ATC member StarLeaf’s video conferencing platform. StarLeaf is the expert in video conferencing and unified communications and they have provided a few immediate no-obligation resources for ATC and our community to stay connected. <<ATC Members, go to the Member Offers page via your Member Portal for information on StarLeaf’s offer>>

If you are interested in hosting a Virtual Roundtable please reach out to Beth Darby, Head of Sales,

MacroFab Announcement – 44% Price Reduction on Production PCBs

Good News

We are reducing prices on PCBs for production orders by an average of 44%. This change is effective immediately on
Reduced PCB pricing is permanent and has already taken effect for all new orders going forward as of May 1 at 1 am CST.

Why is MacroFab lowering prices?

We are focused on giving you the best possible way to order PCB assemblies at any volume and that means continually lowering our prices as we gain negotiating power with our suppliers. You can expect to see more price reductions from us this year.

Are there unit volumes where I am most likely to see reductions? Will every PCB quote see a 44% reduction?

This pricing change affects all production orders. You will see meaningful price reductions for orders of 100+ units and most significant savings for 1,000+ units. When we applied this new pricing model to thousands of prior orders we saw an average of 44% savings. Generally, we observed a PCB price reduction of 20% for lower volume orders and as much as 80% for high volume orders.

Will this lower PCB pricing affect my lead times?

It depends. You will be able to select the right balance between the best price and best lead time when you place your order, so you’re always in control.

Does this change mean my entire order will be 44% less expensive?

No, this change applies specifically to PCB pricing. There will be additional price reductions for components that we plan to announce as we negotiate high volume discounts.

Are there other ways to get a lower price for my order?

Yes, if your volume is high enough. Our goal is to always provide the best possible price online, but for complex or high-volume orders our sales team can get significant price reductions from the price you see online. These reductions typically follow one of two patterns:

High volume component sourcing allows us to work with our distributors to negotiate deep discounts.
Fixed price, long term manufacturing agreements allow us to provide a demand forecast to the supply chain, which results in discounts which we pass on to our customers.

Spry’s On-Demand Publicity Kit = Marketing PR that’s as easy as ordering an Uber

ATC has teamed up with Spry, the world’s first on-demand PR network, to make world-class PR accessible to startups on any budget.

NEW: Spry’s Publicity Kit for Startups provides instant, on-demand access to world-class PR and journalism talent. That deliver real results.


View Spry’s unique, on-demand approach

Download the Spry app on iOS or Android

Choose from a variety of turnkey solutions, answer a couple of questions

Pay only for what you need (starting at $500)

Review and approve the materials before they go out

Wait for the tangible results to roll in with reports from Spry on ROI.

PR that’s as easy as ordering an Uber



20% OFF ALL ORDERS through Aug 18 Just use promo code sospry20!


  • Instant, on-demand access to world-class PR and journalism talent.
  • Guaranteed expertise matched to your specific need – we only accept the top 20% of applicants into our workforce.
  • No need for sorting through bios or resumes, it’s all on-demand.
  • No long-term contracts. Pay only for what you need, starting at $500.
  • NEW: Spry’s Publicity Kit for Startups, a turnkey solution for announcing your big news.
  • More details at:



Press Release

PRESS RELEASE Get the word out about your new product or service, corporate update, event, new biz or general announcement.


Media List

MEDIA LIST Get a custom list of the right reporters to contact with your news. Names, numbers, emails, social media handles and more. Easy-to-read. And all in one place.

SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT Digest the data to see if your social media campaign hit the mark. Followers, mentions, metrics and more. A wrap-up of all the digital coverage.

MEDIA COVERAGE REPORT See if your media campaign met your goal. Where the news ran, the quotes used, key messages included, even the coverage tone. Data to decide if your campaign did what you wanted it to do.

LinkedIn Blog Post

LINKEDIN BLOG POST Connect with people in a casual and conversational way. Share your ideas, show your expertise, drive web site traffic, even gain new customers.

Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET Tell the world the ABCs of your product or organization. Overview statement, key stats, financials, history, leadership, plus other interesting tidbits.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER LIST Find out who’s writing or talking about your niche online. Contacts, relevance, reach, social media engagement and other details. A fresh list of influencers who meet your criteria

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE Show your expertise in a news article attributed to you. Factual, meaty and concise columns that highlight your research and know-how. Share the article with media outlets for a chance to be published.

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