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Spry’s On-Demand Publicity Kit = Marketing PR that’s as easy as ordering an Uber

ATC has teamed up with Spry, the world’s first on-demand PR network, to make world-class PR accessible to startups on any budget.

NEW: Spry’s Publicity Kit for Startups provides instant, on-demand access to world-class PR and journalism talent. That deliver real results.


View Spry’s unique, on-demand approach

Download the Spry app on iOS or Android

Choose from a variety of turnkey solutions, answer a couple of questions

Pay only for what you need (starting at $500)

Review and approve the materials before they go out

Wait for the tangible results to roll in with reports from Spry on ROI.

PR that’s as easy as ordering an Uber



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  • Instant, on-demand access to world-class PR and journalism talent.
  • Guaranteed expertise matched to your specific need – we only accept the top 20% of applicants into our workforce.
  • No need for sorting through bios or resumes, it’s all on-demand.
  • No long-term contracts. Pay only for what you need, starting at $500.
  • NEW: Spry’s Publicity Kit for Startups, a turnkey solution for announcing your big news.
  • More details at:



Press Release

PRESS RELEASE Get the word out about your new product or service, corporate update, event, new biz or general announcement.


Media List

MEDIA LIST Get a custom list of the right reporters to contact with your news. Names, numbers, emails, social media handles and more. Easy-to-read. And all in one place.

SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT Digest the data to see if your social media campaign hit the mark. Followers, mentions, metrics and more. A wrap-up of all the digital coverage.

MEDIA COVERAGE REPORT See if your media campaign met your goal. Where the news ran, the quotes used, key messages included, even the coverage tone. Data to decide if your campaign did what you wanted it to do.

LinkedIn Blog Post

LINKEDIN BLOG POST Connect with people in a casual and conversational way. Share your ideas, show your expertise, drive web site traffic, even gain new customers.

Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET Tell the world the ABCs of your product or organization. Overview statement, key stats, financials, history, leadership, plus other interesting tidbits.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER LIST Find out who’s writing or talking about your niche online. Contacts, relevance, reach, social media engagement and other details. A fresh list of influencers who meet your criteria

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE Show your expertise in a news article attributed to you. Factual, meaty and concise columns that highlight your research and know-how. Share the article with media outlets for a chance to be published.

How to Use Public Relations to Attract Investors

You’re starting to think about securing a new round of investment. So you ramp up networking in startup circles, you start building materials and cultivating contacts, and you strategize about how to show up outside an investor’s kid’s preschool.

This is also the ideal time to be thinking about public relations. When you approach fundraising exclusively through relationships and networking, you essentially convince everyone individually that you’re worth the investment.

Instead, by deploying PR strategically, you streamline the introductions to what you do, because your target investors will have read and heard about you already. In fact, they may even start lining up to fund you … turning the tables on who’s courting whom.

As one of our customers recently put it, after even just one press release, “we received immediate investment interest, which was a catalyst in reaching our next phase of development.”

The trick, though, is starting early. If you wait until you’re already actively fundraising to do any of this, you’ll in for an uphill battle.

So, here are our top tips for using PR to attract investors:

1. Define your narrative. Be hyper clear about what you do and how you benefit customers. Have a mission statement and a company one-pager, and make sure everything you say aligns to it. When you’re finally sick of hearing yourself repeat the same thing, that’s when others might finally be hearing it.

2. Know who your investors trust. Identify the type of investors you’re looking for, then understand the information sources they trust. That doesn’t only mean journalists; it can also be digital influencers or board members. (Hint: Spry can help identify the right trusted sources).

3. Build relationships early. Relationships with media and influencers are just like with customer – start cultivating it well before you want to close the deal. Connect with them on social, meet them at in-person events, and let them get to know you before insisting they write about you.

4. Establish a base of content. In the interim, search is your friend. Build an active blog, use your LinkedIn page to publish blog posts, and showcase not just what your company does but also your unique expert perspective (in PR jargon, your thought leadership).

5. Create news hooks. Think creatively about how to secure interest or coverage. Can you uncover anonymized customer data or noteworthy trends? Spotlight a new hire or a community initiative? These might not all get covered, but your consistent press releases show momentum and ensure people know not just your name, but what you do.

The good news is, if you start early and harness the latest technologies, you can achieve this far simpler and affordably than you think.

For starters, tap on-demand experts through Spry to define your narrative and identify the influencers and media who matter most (such as this list of the top 60 startup journalists: Spry can give you a roadmap to where to go and how to get there that gives you a firm starting position.

Then, tap freelance journalists (again through Spry) to write compelling press releases, blog posts or LinkedIn thought leadership – tied to the creative news hooks noted above. Then all you have to do is share these with the contacts you’re cultivating.

The sooner you start, the better the results. Done right, you’ll have investors knocking down your door to get a chance to support your world-changing idea.

It all starts with Spry.

Click here to Download the App via the App Store and get started today.

ATC members get 20% off by using promo code sospry20!

Required Summer Reading: The Culture Book: When Culture Clicks

Are you convinced that company culture is as critical an ingredient to success as say, cash flow or product excellence, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, The Culture Book: Volume 1 When Culture Clicks is a pragmatic field guide on how to build an authentic culture. Featuring stories from Southwest Airlines, Netflix, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and the Navy SEALs, as well as local Austin companies such as Sailpoint, WPEngine, SKG and YouEarnedIt, the book lays out an array of strategies that work.

In this book you will learn how to identify, embed and sustain your own authentic, high-performing culture. The Culture Book is full of practical lessons and tips you can put to use right now, including:

* Why and how every company should manage culture not just as a plan or program, but as a key strategic asset
* What specific programs and activities super successful culture thought leaders and C-suite executives think matters most of all
* What every employee must do to take accountability and drive a successful culture in the trenches
* How to accurately gauge the strength of your culture and craft a practical plan to improve day after day
* How to understand and optimize the powerful relationship between values and behavior
* How to apply innovative, never-before-published frameworks to improve employee retention
* Why leading experts disagree on whether the best cultures work like families or sports teams
* Why it’s not enough to simply copy someone else’s culture; how truly winning cultures map to the unique contours of each business
* How cultures at top companies have evolved over time, through thick and thin
* How great culture can become not just a calling card, but the key to enduring success and a long-term competitive advantage


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