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New Member Highlight – Envision Group

Welcome to Envision Group!

Envision Group (EVG) is a diverse team of professionals focused on helping organizations and leaders worldwide in a broad cross-section of industries for over thirty years.
Envision has researched, developed and refined numerous tools, approaches and methodologies that help businesses accelerate performance in the areas of Strategy, Financial, Organizational and Leadership Development.

We know you achieve your goals through strategic planning, leadership, and organizational development. Our team works with you to craft customized, successful solutions for your complex business issues.

Unparalleled Engagement. Outstanding Results. Every. Single. Time.

New Member Highlight: Atlas Consulting

As a solutions provider, Atlas Consulting is a design firm who provides direct services to the architectural and end user infrastructure design. Specializing in networks (physical and architectural), audiovisual, in-building wireless, access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection.

Atlas provides the highest level of service to each constituent within a given design project between the architect, general contractor, owner, and IT professional our rule is to interpret the impact of a given project for each person.

Our role is to translate our world into your culture, ensuring the highest level of implementation, with the evolution of a given design in mind.

New Member Highlight: Brad Englert Advisory

Brad Englert Advisory offers a number of services: Strategy Creation, IT Governance Assessment and Development, Organizational Effectiveness Improvement Programs, Cloud Services Evaluation and Selection, Independent Verification and Validation Services, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Expertise, and One-on-One Career Coaching. Brad Englert is the founder of Brad Englert Advisory and an author, advisor, and technologist. Brad worked for Accenture for 22 years, including 10 years as a partner. He then served The University of Texas at Austin for eight years, including seven years as the Chief Information Officer (CIO). To learn more, please visit

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