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New Member Highlight: Berlin Business

Future technologies from ideas to innovative products

Berlin provides unique conditions for innovation and growth with its high concentration of excellent universities, research facilities, top international talent, and creative spirit. When you think of Germany’s capital region, think of its strong industry clusters Healthcare, ICT|Media|Creative Industries, Transport|Mobility|Logistics, Energy Technologies, Photonics, Manufacturing and Service Industries. Innovative products for the global markets of the future are being created across Berlin’s sectors and in close partnership with the players along the entire value chain.
Berlin is truly on the forefront of the digital revolution and Germany’s start-up scene with approximately 500 new tech startups per year. Entrepreneurs from around the world flock to Berlin to take advantage of its successful infrastructure for financing and funding, numerous incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces. VCs invested 2.6 billion euros in Berlin in 2018, making it the European leader for investments in startups such as Zalando, Home24, rent24 or N26. The location provides optimal conditions for creative people who want to change the world!
The Berlin Business office opened its doors in NYC on September 17, 2019 to become a larger part of the U.S. business and tech community. U.S. companies expanding to Europe should know that in 2018, Berlin experienced 3.1% economic growth compared to 2% in the rest of the country. With its population of 3.7 million, Berlin stands out as an attractive destination for globally ambitious companies and investors. And since 43% of company founders are foreign, the business language is English.
For information on Berlin’s strategic advantages, please contact Kristina L. García, Managing Director, Berlin Business Office at Tel: + 1 646 537 7660 or

New Member Highlight: ON24

ON24 is on a mission to transform the way marketers market, powering the live, always-on and personalized experiences that businesses need to create engagement, deliver data, find demand and drive revenue.

Through the ON24 Platform, marketers can build data-rich, interactive webinar and content experiences, understand audience behavior and turn that intelligence into action. Informed by more than a billion engagement minutes — including 12 million polls, 1.3 million surveys, 1.5 million conversations, and conversion of over 17 million resources — marketers drive more revenue from ON24 experiences than any other digital channel. Headquartered in San Francisco, ON24 has a wide global footprint with eight offices in key regions, including London, Munich, Singapore, Stockholm and Sydney.


For more information, visit

New Member Highlight: Voltek Inc.

It’s not unusual to see people huddled over the one outlet in an airport or begging a bartender for a chance to connect their charger to a behind-the-bar electrical outlet. Even in settings like hospitals and schools, the number of USB outlet locations available contrasts unfavorably with the number of devices needing to be charged up.
Voltek is focused on solving this growing trend with their low voltage powered USB wall outlets. No more wishing you had a USB outlet in a wall or under a table to charge your devices. Requiring no more than a simple low voltage cable, Voltek outlets can literally be placed just about anywhere.
With our dual USB Type A / USB-C 60 Watt outlets not only can you keep your phone and tablets charged but now most major laptop manufacturers have converted over to the same charging platform. All that is needed is a simple light weight USB-C to USB-C cable! No more lugging around a large AC/DC power transformer to power your devices. Additionally, our systems can be placed on a battery backup providing hours of low voltage power in the event of building power outage.

New Construction

We live in a time when all of our electronics are low voltage DC powered with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries yet we still wire our buildings for high voltage AC delivery. Volteks goal is to change the way we wire buildings by changing the design mindset of the design/construction industry. By wiring according to our devices needs our systems can save up to 70% on raw copper and plastic materials used in building electrical wiring. Similar trends are changing many of todays in building systems including building power distribution with digital electricity, POE LED Lighting, Wi-Fi, security, and access control.
It’s time we start thinking much bigger and much greener when it comes to power delivery in our daily lives.

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