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New Member Spotlight: Cylance

AI-based cybersecurity is a powerful force multiplier. Cylance combines autonomous security decision making with human security expertise, to stay ahead of attackers—years ahead. Our advanced AI solutions deliver the threat detection, prevention, and response capabilities security teams need to maximize their own expertise with fewer, better, and more well-informed strategic security decisions.
Cylance provides solutions that identify threats and analyzes them before they appear in the wild – on average 25 months in advance (per SE Labs). We’ve shut down tens of millions of potential attacks with a system that is continually learning. For more than five years we’ve been providing a superior alternative, and we’re just getting started.

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New Member Spotlight: Anaplan

Accelerate Decision Making with Connected Planning!

The Anaplan platform helps you be dynamic, collaborative and intelligent—just what you need to drive your business forward. Anaplan’s cloud planning platform enables an organization to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business. Connected Planning can be achieved at any scale—from a single use case within one business unit to enterprise-wide connected planning across hundreds of processes, and everything in between. Anaplan’s platform is the most flexible, scalable, and collaborative cloud planning system in the world today.

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ATC New Member Highlight : The Global Village World

The Global Village mission is to proudly showcase success stories from every Nation, their Cities and its People to the World.    We are an ever-growing tribe of media entrepreneurs, colleagues and friends, please join us as we connect the innovations and innovators of the world.

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Global Village World

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