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New Member Highlight: FDM Group – Bridging the Industry Gender Gap

Over the years we have seen significant progress being made concerning females participating in technology-focused career paths, but, many individuals still perceive STEM industries as being a male-dominated environment with women remaining underrepresented.

This trend exists throughout various stages of development, starting from a young age. The participation gap often begins at secondary school, where the number of male students taking A-Level Technology exams outnumbers the amount of female students. Additionally, the percentage of women working in the UK in 2018 as IT Professionals and IT Technicians were 16% and 17% respectively, with only 5% of females working in leadership positions within the sector.

Why does this happen?

Women have long been associated with certain stereotypes regarding their capabilities to succeed in the technology field, which was seen as complicated and demanding; a job that females were seen as “unfit” and “unready” to face. The current gender gap can also be partially explained by “social belongingness,” or the idea that one would fit in better working in fields comprised mostly of their own gender, where they can identify themselves and better understand each other. Additionally, people generally pursue domains in which they are skilled and confident in, and tend to avoid those in which they believe they are not. Another major reason for the gender gap is the fact that there is a shortage of female role models in the technology industry compared to male role models. This creates a barrier for women, as it is difficult to find a relatable role model from whom they can aspire to emulate.

How can we bridge the gender gap?


New Member Highlight: BetterUp Named a “Cool Vendor” for Human Capital Management: Enhancing Employee Experience by Gartner

Companies selected for this “Cool Vendor” report are “disrupting traditionally held beliefs and approaches to improve employee engagement outcomes”

SAN FRANCISCO —July 16, 2019 —BetterUp, the company that pioneered mobile coaching to help all workers live their lives with optimal clarity, purpose and passion, today announced that it was named a “Cool Vendor” in the Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management: Enhancing Employee Experiencereport by Gartner Inc.1 According to Gartner, “the Cool Vendors within this report draw attention to innovative employee engagement methods deployed via technology. They are disrupting traditionally held beliefs and approaches to improve employee engagement outcomes.”

BetterUp believes inclusion in the report validates its capabilities to help all employees, not just executives, flourish via one-to-one coaching to improve leadership skills like resilience, growth mindset, creativity, and collaboration, and drive new ways of leading and improved performance. BetterUp’s mobile platform is also setting a new bar in the industry, particularly through the analytics and reporting capabilities that it offers to provide data on the measurable impact that improved employee performance can have on a company’s bottom line.  “Meanwhile, traditional approaches to leadership coaching overlook digital and mobile-enabled technology, resulting in poor scalability, employee experience and ROI”, the Cool Vendor report states.



New Member Highlight: Stackmatix

The Startup Growth Marketing Experts

High performance marketing services are difficult to come by, especially for early-stage companies, which are strapped for cash and are typically provided the bottom-of-the-rank resources by marketing agencies. Stackmatix solves this problem by focusing entirely on this market and by innovating on the traditional model. We provide top quality resources at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

Stackmatix clients are an elite bunch that have been through top accelerators like YCombinator, 500 Startups, and Alchemist Accelerator, or have raised a private round of funding from institutional investors.

Unlike most firms, Stackmatix’s primary focus is on driving ROI for its clients. You pay for services, you pay for ads and platforms, and you make money. We work to make sure the last number is greater than the first two, and with month-to-month contracts, we get results within weeks.

We have offices in both San Francisco and Austin and support clients across the US and Canada. Our goal is to make every client a successful case study and to earn a testimonial 100% of the time.

To learn more, please email and our executive team will get back to you within 24 hours!

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