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New Member Highlight || MindSource

MindSource has globally delivered software solutions for over two decades. Our success is based on deep technical foundations, commitment to client satisfaction and our extended worldwide network of technical talent.

MindSource’s management team immerses themselves in the intricacies of the most technically challenging and sophisticated technical endeavors, requiring the best and brightest minds.

We use our technical experience to grow our consultancy and to provide top-tier talent in the areas of technology. MindSource provides our consultants with rewarding career opportunities working with innovative companies.

As a leader in our field, our focus is to exceed our customers’ expectations. The MindSource staff is a close-knit family of employees many have been with the company for over a decade. We are motivated by creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our colleagues and clients as we have done since 1994.

New Member Highlight | EPSoft Technologies: A Centralized Approach for Process Automation to Elevate Human Potential

At EPSoft, we believe businesses are most successful when they maximize human intelligence by applying comprehensive intelligent automation technologies. We provide organizations the insight and tools to automate manual, monotonous and time-intensive tasks, streamline business processes, reduce errors, improve compliance, increase employee productivity and deliver richer customer experiences.

Meet the Intelligent Automation Platform, an easy-to-use suite of software with end-to-end business process automation tools.

The platform features components like process intelligence technology, business process management resources, business-friendly RPA tools with drag-and-drop functionality, and cognitive automation technology that leverages AI and machine learning.

The technology is agile and iterative, allowing you to continuously evolve and improve, applying the gains from new efficiencies right back to your process.

Perhaps best of all, with the platform’s big data insights, you can concentrate on the right business functions and improve the right business outcomes. The IAP helps you focus on the full lifecycle of a process, providing all the relevant technology and tools you need at any given stage—all in one easy-to-use platform. Everything works more efficiently, because it’s part of a bigger, better plan built for outcomes.

Process automation is a journey. Whether you’ve already begun optimizing your processes, or are ready to get started, EPSoft will meet you there. IAP by EPSoft: Let’s elevate human potential together. Contact us at to uncover how we can help drive value within your organization.

New Member Highlight | Sampford Advisors: The Technology M&A Experts

Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) continue to be an important element to driving shareholder value in the technology sector. These types of transactions involve a unique combination of financial valuation analysis, insight into the technology market, and experience managing a multi-stage and multi-party process to drive the most value for the participants. This can be a daunting task for many founders and CEOs, especially given the distractions from running the business. Sampford Advisors has decades of investment banking experience, focused exclusively on technology, to help navigate the complexities of M&A.

Unlike other firms, Sampford has an exclusive focus on buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions advisory and does not get distracted by non-technology deals, capital raises or other advisory services. The Company has completed over 20 transactions and over $800mm of aggregate deal value since its founding in 2016. Plus senior leadership at the firm boasts over 40 years of experience at large investment banks, including Morgan Stanley, UBS and Deutsche Bank prior to founding Sampford.

Having recently opened an office in Austin, the Company is looking forward to bringing its focused approach to M&A advisory to the City’s strong and growing technology ecosystem. Our goal is to deliver successful transactions and ROI for shareholders.

To learn more, please email, our Managing Director and head of our Austin office and US operations.

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