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New Member Highlight: Enterprise Ireland

What is the Irish Advantage?

Irish companies have a unique approach to partnering with global customers. The Irish workforce is one of the most flexible and educated in the world and a forward-looking mindset means that product, service and process innovation is a key driving factor. Coupled with a proven track record of meeting global market leader needs, the Irish Advantage is obvious.

Most Flexible and adaptable workforce in the world

A Top 10 Education System
Globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy

10th Most Reputable country in the world

The world’s most adaptable workforce means strong partnerships

Two of the most important things for any customer in choosing a partner are flexibility and adaptability. Ireland has been ranked first in the world for both by IMD in their 2017 Global Competitiveness Yearbook. This adaptability is a key factor in Irish companies’ success in overseas markets – enabling them to approach problems from the customer’s perspective and offer bespoke solutions to their specific requirements.

The adaptability of Ireland’s exporting companies is further helped by a young, motivated workforce, which, according to the OECD, is one of the most educated in the world. Ireland’s education system also ranks in the top 10 globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy.

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New Member Highlight: OneAffiniti

Supercharge your channel marketing

It’s difficult to engage with your entire channel network. Some partners are better-equipped than others to continually cultivate new content, develop automated, robust campaigns, and capitalize on the insights learned from their efforts. Now, brands & channel partners can send out wholistic thought-leadership campaigns to end-buyers, keeping both partners and brands top-of-mind.

With robust reporting and a proven attribution model, we are able to gauge program success, from leads to receipts, and boast a 70% engagement rate from all of our partners.

Our team of almost 100 talented professionals helps global brands deliver their message through trusted partners, while nurturing relationships, building brands, and most importantly, driving sales.

For Brands:

Unleash the true potential of your SMB channel partners

Many channel partners have highly engaged databases, but limited marketing resources. Our platform-enabled channel marketing solution helps you market to their customers and prospects, each and every month. Consider us an extension of your marketing team. We have years of experience with through-channel marketing for some of the largest global IT brands, so we know what you need. We collect actual sales receipts and attribute them to your campaigns to give you end-to-end marketing insights and proof of performance. Further, our program has an average partner engagement rate of 70% – and with a partner network of around 2,500 partners, that adds up to thousands of campaigns sent per year.

For Channel Partners:

Robust digital marketing campaigns for channel partners

Generate leads in less than 5 minutes per month, with professional, hands-off monthly digital marketing campaigns, micro-sites, and social posts, paid for by your favorite brands. We create powerful, timely content specific to the industry you work in, or you can choose evergreen content from our content library. Have a blog post or article you want to share with your audience? We can add it to your campaigns, and deliver it to your audience, branded with your logo and contact information. We’ll help you make the most of your audience. Maximize your reach, and remain top-of-mind utilizing our comprehensive through-channel marketing program.

New Member Highlight: Data Canopy

Data Canopy is a nationwide hybrid infrastructure provider with presence in two data centers in Austin, TX. We reduce the cost and complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments by connecting, storing, and securing your physical and virtual infrastructure – all with one provider.

We know the right choice isn’t always between colocation and cloud or even private and public cloud, but rather a blended solution with optimized performance, security, and pricing for your business. Do you have the right mix of data center services to support your organization?

Custom-fit data center solutions ensure you are getting the infrastructure, network, redundancy, and security that best support your data and business needs now and as you grow. Contact Data Canopy to get your data center needs covered.

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