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The Best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are taking the world by storm and show no signs of dying down. Stay on top of this trend in a way that fits your schedule by using the best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio. When it comes to securing your cryptocurrency, not all ATM experiences will deliver the same quality. The best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio will offer you the ease of access, safe transactions, and fast service. Read on to know what you should expect from the best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio.

The realm of cryptocurrency is already cryptic enough, so any Bitcoin ATM worth using will be easy to find and use. Not only will experienced cryptocurrency exchangers find convenience in Pelicoin’s customer-centered ATM design, but new users can also quickly get started using crypto with Pelicoin.
Our ATMs are situated in friendly locations open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We’ve all got places to go and people to see, and catering to our cryptocurrency needs shouldn’t get in the way of that. If you are looking to get your hands on your Bitcoin without wasting your day scouring sketchy websites or taking advice from pseudo-professionals, stop by a Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM! You will have a great experience that doesn’t disrupt your day.

You shouldn’t have to compromise security to get in on the cryptocurrency action. Pelicoin’s system works to protect your identity and financial investment. Using secure technology and verifying your identity with your phone number, Pelicoin keeps your transaction fast, reliable, and secure.

Where To Find the Best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio:

Exxon Self-service Station (5256 West Cevallos St.)

Are you headed into the city for work or pleasure? Pelicoin has an ATM right on your route. Close enough to the interstate and only 15 minutes from downtown, the Exxon on West Cevallos St. is placed conveniently on your route. You can take care of business and be back on your way with little disruption to your day.

Valero Express Mart (2315 Harry Wurzbach Rd.)
Out later than usual and looking for a Bitcoin ATM in northeastern San Antonio? Get your crypto-fix on your terms. Pelicoin has a safe and secure Bitcoin ATM available for use in the 24/7 Valero Express Mart on Harry Wurzbach Road; you don’t have to change your schedule to match an ATM’s hours.

Chevron (2726 Lockhill Selma Rd.)
Pelicoin also has a Bitcoin ATM accessible 24/7 in the Chevron Station on Lockhill Selma Road. Located conveniently near restaurants like El Mirasol, Pam’s Patio, and Clementine’s, this Bitcoin ATM is an easy stop on your way to enjoying a day in San Antonio.

Chevron (2207 North Panam Expy)
The Chevron station located off the North PanAm Expressway houses another of Pelicoin’s user-friendly ATMs. While you’re in the area, you can gas up, grab a coffee from nearby Folklores Coffee house, or stop by Quadrangle Fort to continue your day in San Antonio after you wrap up your transaction.

Enjoy Crypto with the Best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio
Pelicoin’s ATMs are secure, speedy, and safe to access. We have the best Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio, designed and positioned with your schedule and convenience in mind. Stop by one of our many Bitcoin ATMs in San Antonio today and get used to the enjoyable experience of buying crypto with Pelicoin.

LOGIX Launches SD-WAN, a SASE Solution from Versa Networks, to Offer a Secure Networking Solution to Customers

HOUSTON, Sept. 15, 2021 – LOGIX Fiber Networks (“LOGIX”), a Texas-based telecom provider of highly secure fiber-based data, voice and data center services, today announced a new collaboration with Versa Networks to offer its leading software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution to its customers.

Through this collaboration, LOGIX delivers a combination of full-featured SD-WAN capabilities including comprehensive integrated security, scalable advanced routing, remote worker access and analytics to meet the evolving WAN Edge requirements of Texas companies.

LOGIX’s customers can now utilize the Versa Titan SASE solution to simplify management through one central view of their entire network, including detailed analytics into WAN traffic, enabling the prioritization of applications, and integrated firewall security to ensure the highest possible network performance. LOGIX’s deployment of the Versa Titan solution also extends to remote workers, further optimizing company efficiencies and performance in increasingly remote and hybrid work environments.

“Versa Network’s best-in-class solution brings ease of network management and ensures that our customers have the highest level of security protecting their data and network assets,” said Craig Collins, Chief Executive Officer of LOGIX. “We are committed to continued innovation and exceptional network performance for our customers, and the relationship with Versa Networks expands our service offerings and will help us grow our Texas footprint.”

“LOGIX Fiber Networks delivers an exceptional experience for its more than 10,000 Texas business customers,” said John Atchison, Head of Global Channel Marketing of Versa Networks. “The Versa Titan SASE for lean IT solution will enhance LOGIX’s value-add to its core services and help its Texas business customers easily manage the growing challenges of an increasingly complicated IT environment. We look forward to working with them as a member of the Versa ACE Partner Program to further extend the LOGIX SASE SD-WAN solution to organizations throughout Texas.”

LOGIX is known for its outstanding Texas-based customer service, flexible and fast connectivity options, its best-in-class reliability due to its built-for-business fiber network, and its broad range of business voice and data options. Services include Business Voice, Business Internet, Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, Business Voice Cloud, Business Voice Trunks, Data Centers, and Cloud Connect.
For more information about LOGIX, visit or call 281-336-9006.

About LOGIX Fiber Networks
LOGIX Fiber Networks is the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas, providing highly secure fiber-based data, voice services, and data center access to over 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers, and connecting nearly 100 third-party data centers across Texas.
With a 35-year history, LOGIX is known for its outstanding Texas-based customer service, flexible and fast connectivity options, and best-in-class reliability due to its built-for-business fiber network. LOGIX offers a broad range of business voice and data options, as well as wholesale carrier solutions. Business services include Business Voice, Business Internet, Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, Business Voice Cloud, Business Voice Trunks, Data Centers, and Cloud Connect. Wholesale carrier solutions include Ethernet and wavelength transport, metro and long haul, dark fiber, cell site fronthaul/backhaul and IP connectivity.
For more information about LOGIX, call 281-336-9006 or visit Connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter, and Facebook.


Media Contact:
Molly Bateman

TSX & TSXV: A Gateway to North American Capital

It may be surprising to learn that 40% of trading on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) combined comes from outside of Canada… with a majority coming from the United States (U.S.). For innovative U.S. companies looking to raise growth capital, the Canadian markets can be a gateway to North American capital.

This is especially true today, as U.S. companies listed on TSX and TSXV have experienced a record first half (H1) in 2021.

– Market Capitalization: U.S. companies listed on TSX & TSXV reached an all-time high combined market capitalization (C$180B), up 62% in the last 10 years.
– New Listings: 120% increase in new U.S. listings; best H1 for number of new listings on TSX (since 2012) and TSXV (since 2016).
– Capital Raised: U.S. issuers raised $745M in equity capital; up 50% from H1 2020.

Watch this VIDEO RECAP for U.S. issuers in H1 2021.

For the whole TSX & TSXV market, H1 2021 is also setting records:

– Best H1 for capital raised on TSX & TSXV since 2015, with C$34.7B.
– Best H1 for capital raised in the Technology sector; C$9.6B raised which is more than any other full year.
– In H1 2021, corporate IPOs on TSX & TSXV were up 1,650% and capital raised was up 113% compared to H1 2020.
– TSX & TSXV exceeded C$4T in combined market capitalization for the first time in history.

Why Consider a Listing on TSX/TSXV?

A Source of Growth Capital
When deciding on a financing path, companies want to know that there is the opportunity for current and ongoing capital raises. Last year, TSX and TSXV issuers raised C$43B, making Canada the 4th largest market in the world for financings… which is impressive considering the size of the Canadian population!

As an alternative to private venture capital, a TSXV listing can provide the benefit of raising small, subsequent rounds of capital. TSXV companies raised C$6.6B in 2020, with an average financing of C$3.5M. And in the first half of 2021, TSXV companies raised C$6.3B, with an average financing of C$5.9M.

These are small public companies doing venture-sized deals. This is why we like to refer to our market as “public venture capital”, as companies are accessing rounds of capital similar to the typical VC route of Series A, B, and C rounds.

U.S. Highlight: The Real Brokerage Inc. (TSXV:REAX) is based in New York and since its listing in June 2020 the company has raised C$29M in three rounds of financing, and dual-listed on Nasdaq’s Capital Market in June of this year.

Tailored to Small Public Companies
With a long history of financing exploration companies, the Canadian public markets have evolved to support small cap public companies of all industries. From the securities commissions, the exchanges and analysts to the retail and institutional investors… the players in the Canadian public markets ecosystem understand and embrace small public companies.

TSXV companies benefit from right-sized corporate governance, ability to raise subsequent rounds of capital, and the opportunity to use public stock as currency for acquisitions. Listing vehicles like the Capital Pool Company (CPC) program allow growth companies to access the public markets without the high costs and risk of a large initial public offering (IPO).

U.S. Highlight: Hamilton Thorne Ltd (TSXV:HTL) has been listed on TSXV for 11 years and continues to use the public markets to fuel its growth completing seven financings (C$35M) and seven acquisitions.

No Longer Just a Resource Exchange
While TSX has historically been known as a natural resource market – given our +165 years financing mining and energy companies – today our stock list is quite diverse. In fact, our mining issuers currently account for just 13% of the market cap of all issuers, with other sectors surpassing them.

For the past five years, the number one source of new listings has been innovation companies in the tech and life science sectors. Last year, there were 47 new technology/life sciences listings… and the issuers in these sectors raised over C$13B. U.S. innovation companies are also looking north, as in the last five years 56% of new U.S. listings have come from the tech, life sciences and cleantech sectors.

U.S. Highlight: Tantalus Systems Holding Inc. (TSX:GRID) is a smart grid tech company based in Raleigh, NC. The company went public on TSXV in February of this year, raised C$97M in two financings and graduated to the senior board (TSX) three months later.

A Platform for Long Term Growth
As Tantalus demonstrated, a key benefit of this two-tiered market is the potential for early stage growth companies to list on TSXV, raise multiple rounds of capital, and when ready, graduate to TSX. In the past 20 years, over 650 companies graduated from the junior board to the senior board, and almost 32% of current TSX-listed technology companies started on TSXV.

TSX is also a true stepping stone to the U.S. markets. Once a TSX issuer is large enough and relevant enough, it can look to interlist on a U.S. stock exchange, and possibly take advantage of the streamlined dual-listing path through the Multi-Jurisdiction Disclosure System (MJDS). If your end goal is to be listed on Nasdaq or NYSE, TSXV and TSX can be part of a viable path to getting there.

U.S. Highlight: Viemed Healthcare Inc. (TSX:VMD) listed on TSXV in 2017, graduated to TSX a year later, and then dual-listed on Nasdaq a year later in 2019 benefitting from liquidity in two markets.

For the U.S. growth company that is looking to build a long-term sustainable business that requires ongoing access to capital with an end goal of eventually dual-listing on a U.S. exchange, TSX and TSXV are important financing options to consider.

For more information, contact Delilah Panio, VP of US Capital Formation, at or visit

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* Unless otherwise noted, all data is sourced from the Market Intelligence Group of TMX Group as of June 30, 2021.

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