Join ATC in celebrating 30 years of our tech community’s growth and success by participating in our first-ever Austin Tech Awards.

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Deadline to submit award nominations is October 28.


Austin Tech Awards

Nominate the best in tech by Oct. 28

The Austin Tech Awards honor those who are building the best technology and driving innovation throughout the local tech ecosystem in the following categories:


Business Operations Tech: 

Recognizing the structures that support back-office operations. Examples include HR, CRM, ERP, marketing operations, logistics, facilities tech, manufacturing software, mrp logistics.



Recognizing technology that shapes and supports the way society spends and transfers money. Examples include, financial and banking technologies, accounting software, investment software, mobile payment tools, lending technology, resources for the unbanked, as well as cryptocurrency and other blockchain enabled technology.


Education and Entertainment Tech:

Recognizing the technological tools we use to learn and play: Examples include educational technology and resources, art and music services and programs, social media, gaming, and other entertainment technology.



Recognizing excellence across some of the most tangible tech. Examples include, wearable technology, semiconductor operations, medical devices, 3D printing, 5G and wireless, networking equipment, aerospace, manufacturing hardware.


IT Infrastructure/ Cybersecurity

Recognizing the systems we use to interact with the digital world efficiently and securely. Examples include software solutions for transportation and construction, automated vehicles, data and cybersecurity.


Solution Provider Award 

Acknowledging those who support Austin’s tech industry. Examples include consulting firms, law offices, health-care, schools and professional training organizations, banks, etc. 


First-Time Founder Award

Celebrating those who are shaping the future with their first company.

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