ATC New Member Highlight: Sensuron, Engineering at the Speed of Light

“Light Improves the Way Everything is Designed & Engineered”

Sensuron is a leading global provider of compact fiber optic sensing (FOS) systems that use light to test, measure, control, inspect, and ensure safety of innovations across aerospace, medical and energy industries. With nine years of experience working with NASA as sister company, 4DSP, Sensuron’s mission is to solve problems on a global scale by utilizing light-based technologies that ensure equipment is functional, reliable and safe. Sensuron’s FOS technology enables engineers to collect and analyze material and structural data based on diminutive changes in tens of thousands of points of light. Measured in real-time, Sensuron’s technology ensure precise measurement and optimal performance. The company strives not only to provide the most sophisticated sensing platforms on the market, but also to serve today’s engineers by providing the information they require to advance their innovations. In these ways and many others, Sensuron continues to help customers achieve their objectives today and will do so for years to come.


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