ATC Mentor Program

ATC is re-launching our mentor program to run from January 2019 through the end of March 2019.

We have designed this new pilot to run for 12-weeks, providing an opportunity for mentors and mentees to have a defined start and end date with weekly, documented interactions. The new design was set so that these pairings will be able to focus on the development of specific hard and soft skills with a specific set of outcomes being sought during the course of the program.

Mentors benefit from the program by learning about emerging technology, connecting with future talent and contributing towards the growth of the member companies. Mentees are connected with the resources, strategies and tactics that help them grow their companies.

The ideal mentor (up to 12 for this pilot program) will be in the executive suite, EVP/SVP to CEO, and are able to provide at least three recommendations from people they have mentored.

A social mixer will be held in the mid-October timeframe to discuss the broader goals and objectives of the program as well as to introduce prospective Mentors and Mentees.
This is a program for ATC members only. Non-member companies who wish to take part need to become members for their employees to take part.

For more information, please contact Amber Gunst at

If you’re interested in applying to be a mentor or mentee please fill out the applications below.