ATC Book Club begins with “Radical Candor”

What We Are Reading in April

“Like most of us, I once had a terrible boss…” begins “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott. No truer words have ever been written and that includes the opening sentence of Charles Dickens’ classic, “David Copperfield.” We have all had that terrible boss, and those of us who do lead teams have had at least one opportunity to be that terrible boss.

At the start of the pandemic, I was fearful of becoming that boss. I am a high extrovert who needs to interact with people in person. Being stuck in my home and having to rely on only the phone or web-based platforms instead of meeting people for coffee or lunch or at events riddled me with stress and anxiety. Then I remembered a dinner ATC had a few years back where we discussed “Radical Candor.”

I had already purchased and read the book, but immediately purchased two more copies and gave them to my team. We needed this, stat!

We set out to read the book and I gave them time to discover how they could respond and react, and what had changed in their world, and give them the space to absorb what they learned and how it could apply to the way they not only communicate in the office, but with the outside world. 

Thus, began our mission to read something together, to talk about it together, and to gain insight on where we each were together. And sure, we have had longer time in between book discussions than planned or picked something that did not relate to our business, but the one thing we did get from all the books we read was a sense of how we could become better both individually and as a team.

We are re-reading “Radical Candor” because we need to, we are about to re-enter the world and we need to meet our community where you are. We look forward to seeing you in person in June, but in the meantime, if you are looking for a great read that will help you and your team grow together this is one you will want to pick up.