For the fifth year in a row, Austin Technology Council is happy to offer member companies access to SXSW badges at a group rate discounted price. ATC members have enjoyed discounts of more than 30% on published SXSW Interactive and Platinum registrations in the past, and this year we’re excited to offer Platinum, Interactive, Music, and Film! The more you buy, the lower the price!

All ATC member companies' employees are encouraged to take advantage of this offer - no minimum, maximum, or immediate purchase is necessary. Find the registration process below!

1. RESERVE YOUR BADGES: If your company is a member of ATC, you can reserve the number of badges you would like to purchase with this discounted offer by January 8, 2017. Click here to reserve now! (Please note: Upon registration you will be asked to verify ATC membership by providing your company name, the employees' names, and the employees' email addresses. No refunds will be provided to individuals who purchase a badge and are non-ATC members.)

2. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER: On January 9, 2017, you will receive an email with the final cost of the badges, asking you to confirm your reservation. You will have January 9-10 to confirm your reservation via email. (Please note: Failure of confirmation within this window will result in the customer receiving no badge discount codes. After ATC has received final confirmation, you will be required to make the purchase at the agreed upon amount.)

3. PURCHASE YOUR BADGES: On January 11, you will be provided an invoice via email for the final amount. Payments will be accepted online or by hand-delivered checks. You will be given a three-day window from January 11-13 to purchase your reserved badges through ATC. (Please note: Failure of payment within this window will result in the customer receiving no badge discounts.)

4. GET YOUR CODES: Between January 18-20, ATC will send your coupon codes via email to use in order to purchase your badges through SXSW. The instructions for doing so will be provided in the discount code distribution email. (Please note: The number of codes you receive directly depends on the number of badges you have purchased, not reserved.)

5. PICK UP YOUR BADGES: You can pick up your badges through the normal process as defined by SXSW. Step-by-step instructions will be provided in the discount code distribution email.

Questions? Please send your questions to