Community Event: Texas CEO Boot Camp

  • Lakeway Resort and Spa 101 Lakeway Drive Austin, TX, 78734 United States

To be an effective CEO, technical expertise matters less and less and leadership skills and business fundamentals matter more than ever. The ability to develop teams, resist stress, communicate better across multiple generations and lead without rank are all critical. Join us for the Texas CEO Boot Camp - a short, intense and rigorous course of learning for CEOs and the C-Suite.

Courses include

  • Leadership: Behavior Change & Influence
  • How to Build the Best C-Suite
  • How to Speak Publicly to Your Investors, the Community & the Media
  • Access to Capital
  • How to Create Trust While Looking Forward
  • How to Negotiate Your Deal With Your Board
  • Mindfulness Training
  • How to Lobby
  • Ten Success Factors for a CEO: How to Establish a Rhythm for Your Company
  • Building Your Brand – An Interactive, Hands On Workshop to Market Your Company