ATC Policy Coalition City Council Series: Council Member Casar

  • Galvanize 118 Nueces Street Austin, TX, 78701 United States

Join us for a series of conversations with City Council Members and other elected leaders as part of the ATC Policy Coalition City Council Series.

We will have one event for each Council Member, starting with those up for re-election. Each will take place at an ATC community partner location, and will feature a talk and Q&A session for ATC Members and Community Partner members. This is your chance to hear from and ask questions of our City Council up-close and personal.

Our first scheduled events will feature Council Member Greg Casar from District 4 at Galvanize from 6:00-7:00 on August 30th. 

Please participate in two ways. First, join us in person at the event to underscore for Council the commitment of the tech community to having a strong voice in City Politics as it relates to creating a supportive environment for business success, growth and innovation.

Second, please take a moment to formulate questions that you would like Council Members to address, or simply indicate areas of policy that you would like them to speak to.  We will ask for your name, email and Council District in the form to identify where Tech voters live in Austin, but this information will not be shared out. This will help us build a database of questions, ideas and concerns as well as geographic distribution of a broad coalition of tech in Austin.

We look forward to seeing you all on August 30th and subsequent events, and look forward to your participation both in the formulation of questions that will help Council better understand and support tech in Austin