Member Event: What is User Experience Design (UX)?

General Assembly have partnered with The Austin Public library system to offer FREE practical skill classes in tech, design and business for people of all ages to develop confidence in their computer skills & grow more comfortable in today's digital world. Join them at the library location closest to you for classes on Web Development, User Experience Design, Digital Marketing, Pitching your Business, Mobile Apps, Product Management, Social Media, and Visual Design.

In this edition, learn the basics of User Experience for the novice! This is an ideal 101 class for someone who has heard the term UX and maybe even understand the basics, but is not sure what it really means to them. Developers, Business People and Designers may especially benefit from this survey of a rapidly developing field.


Think about user experience as related to your role and business
Understand the basic process and tools to create great user experience design
Hold your own in a conversation about the importance of the user's experience in business decisions.