Community Event: Making Standards Work - Open Standards and Open Source

  • Four Seasons Austin 98 San Jacinto Boulevard Austin, TX, 78701 United States

When it comes to Enterprise Architectures, what does it mean to be "open"? In the technology industry, often we hear about things such as "open standards" or "open source" but what does open mean in each context and why are those differences important?
Both inside and outside the industry, the concepts behind Open Standards and Open Source are often confused. But when it comes to Enterprise Architectures, most organizations should be taking advantage of both to support infrastructures that can enable the kind of Boundaryless Information Flow™ today's digital enterprises need. 

This event will focus on how organizations can use openness as an advantage and how the use of both open standards and open source can help enterprises support their digital business strategies. Sessions will look at the opportunities, advantages, risks and challenges of openness within organizations.