June EdTech Austin Meetup - Igniting Your Inner Teacherpreneur

  • Capital Factory 701 Brazos Street Austin, TX, 78701 United States

As a teacher or school leader, you are on the front lines of education. You see it all - the good and the bad, the problems and the possibilities. And you have unique insights into new and better ways of doing education. But what happens then? When can you take time to build your insight into a solution? Who will support you? And most importantly, how do you take your idea and turn it into a sustainable program, process or product?

This hands-on/on-your-feet workshop is for teachers and also early-stage entrepreneurs who hold a vision for improving some facet of school life but who are less clear on the pathway to actualize that vision. Taking several pages from startup methodology, we’ll step through methods to clarify your solution, map your landscape of assets and challenges and construct a plan that you can start working on right away. We’ll share online tools to help you organize, plan and stay connected to like-minded peers building their own solutions.

This workshop is all about teacher leadership and building schools from the inside. It’s about educators creating local solutions to local problems. If these themes resonate with you we hope to see you - and any like-minded colleagues - at the meetup, sleeves rolled up.


You have and idea that you want to turn into a solution in your school.

You bring a can-do mindset.

You are ready to give constructive feedback to peers and to take feedback from them.

Opportunities for Continuation:

Austin is full of opportunities for teachers and entrepreneurs working on problems in education. SXSWEdu Panel Picker, Startup Weekend EDU and ImpactLab Intrapreneur are three local programs where you can either share out your work to an audience or join together with peers in a supportive framework to develop your idea into a solution. Each will be discussed during the meetup.

Important Note: Your idea does not have to be tech specific! We welcome teachers with insights that have both technical solutions as well as ones that are non-technical (such as a new process, program or structure).

Facilitator Bio:

John Raymond (www.johnraymond.me) is an educator and entrepreneur who’s been designing and implementing creative programs in K-12 for over 20 years. He’s now CEO of ImpactLab, an Austin-based education innovation lab that supports educators and early-stage entrepreneurs.

-The EdTech Austin Team