ATC CFO Dinner

  • Z'Tejas 1110 West 6th Street Austin, TX, 78703 United States

Are you interested in the constantly evolving challenges facing finance executives? Join us for dinner.

The Austin Technology Council is hosting an exclusive dinner of industry experts.  April Downing (WP Engine), Phil Murray  (Kimbia), Mel Tang (Sparefoot) will share insights, ideas and experiences, forge beneficial relationships, and better serve their companies. Important, yet informal discussions are led by CFO peers and other highly accomplished executives, and are moderated by Scott Tynes, CEO of Consero Global. Afterwards, a Q&A session will provide attendees the opportunity to ask questions and share perspectives.

Topics covered will include:

-The CFO role continues to evolve to that of an architect of business value. If you think about value in terms of either driving faster growth, controlling costs and/or increasing enterprise value.
-As a company grows, it acquires more stakeholders (employees, investors, advisors) who need to remain engaged in the business in order to play their role most effectively. When those different stakeholders are empowered with the right information, it leads to better communication between teams, more introductions from investors to potential customers or employees and an overall culture of transparency.
-Startups realize the load of responsibility and complexity of their business increases as they grow. The reality is that as they grow they need more roles, more hierarchy, more processes. It’s unavoidable–especially if they want to scale.
-Fundraising and the related cash planning is an integral part of growing the business in most companies these days. The CFO and the Executive Team must be constantly aligned on upcoming activities that affect your financial position.
-Some CFO’s are nervous that they don’t have the information to confidently make decisions about their business. The information may be confusing or incomplete or they may not even have a system or process in place to provide the relevant reporting.
-According to a recent Robert Half press release, demand and pay throughout the accounting & FP&A profession are showing strong gains this year. As a result of that demand, salaries are expected to rise for accounting and financial positions at an average 4% rate this year.
-According to Ernst & Young, you can catalyze your companies’growth by building and fostering critical relationships. To put it another way: it’s who you know. Yes, you need to be stellar in your area of core competency and have deep domain expertise at what you do and the value you bring to your customers.But in the end, it comes down to connections.
*this event is open for heads of finance only