Community Event: The Austin Forum Presents '2nd Annual Tech for Giving & Sharing'

  • Galvanize 119 Nueces Street Austin, TX, 78701 United States

Austin is, by most measures, one of the most successful cities in the country.  We have a booming economy, in large part thanks to our vibrant, growing tech sector. We also boast a low unemployment rate, high average education and income levels, and low violent crime statistics, plus a cultural environment that includes great music, food, outdoor activities, and more. These things and more make Austin one of the greatest places to live, and place us consistently at or near the top of many ‘best of’ and ‘fastest growing’ lists.

However, while the success and growth of our tech sector creates jobs and opportunities across sectors, the economic success fueled by tech is not shared by all Austinites. In some cases, this rapid growth and success has even exacerbated civic issues. Austin has the greatest disparity in income by location/neighborhood of any city in the US, and home affordability and mobility are increasing challenges for many residents. Homelessness and unemployment do exist here, and poverty, crime, lack of access to quality healthcare, and other issues present risks to Austinites that we, as a generous, creative, technologically-savvy population, should be finding ways to address… and we are! Come learn how Austin’s tech companies—as engines and beacons of our region’s economic success—are directing their expertise and efforts to make Austin even better. Austin tech companies are developing new technologies to provide many kinds of assistance to underserved and disadvantaged communities and individuals. Tech companies are also developing and offering programs for their employees to give resources and share expertise to help those in need, and to create more opportunities for more people. Austin innovates, Austin creates, and Austin cares. Come learn how the Austin tech community is making Austin an even better place, for more people.