ATC Weekend Update | April 30, 2016

In this Weekend Update:

Our Director of Operations, Quincy Cooper gives some insight into our CEO
Indeed Looks at the highest paying tech jobs
Gemalto extends an invitation to their lunch and learn
Invitation to the Austin A-List of the Hottest Startups 2016

Quincy Cooper Director of Operations

Quincy Cooper
Director of Operations

BB + Q = BBQ

Howdy all!
Things are rocking and rolling in the ATC office! The last time I checked in we were right smack dab in the middle of onboarding Barbary. I can now happily say that she is officially onboarded and has hit the ground running!
As you can imagine, a significant portion of our days are spent together one on one discussing the strategic direction of ATC and how we plan to work toward creating a more impactful organization. In spending so much time together, I’ve learned a few things about Barbary that I thought the community might enjoy learning.
1. She is a true technologist. Some may even venture to classify her as a tech geek. I know she’s about to share some *exciting* tech world news when she throws her hands up and asks the team, “Okay can I just share this with you guys?” There will never be any reason to doubt her passion for tech – she talks the talk and walks the walk.
2. She loves bar-b-que. Lucky for her, Cooper’s Old Time Put BBQ opened up one block over from the office, so we’re now a five-minute walk away from a juicy brisket plate (complete with mac-n-cheese). Who knew that an LA gal could truly appreciate the beauty of a slow-cooked hunk of meat?!
3. Her role as CEO at ATC could not be a better fit. Sure, her resume is impressive, but her overall knowledge and understanding of the tech industry, strategic vision for our mission, and her passion for service and learning are what make her the perfect woman for the job.
If you haven’t had a chance to meet her, swing by the office; you’ll quickly see why we’re all falling in love. 
“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strenght, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world” – Harriet Tubman

What are the highest paying tech jobs right now?

Indeed data is showing that tech jobs are not only paying extremely well, they are growing at a considerable rate. “When it comes to technology it’s a job seeker’s market, and employers are often willing to pay a premium to fill these positions,” Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy told Forbes. “These days, every company is a tech company, and there’s a talent war going on for the best engineers, designers, and developers. That often translates into higher pay, competitive benefits, and flexibility in where people can live and how they work.”

Software Engineer, Data Scientist and Devops Engineer are the highest paid tech jobs right now. See the full list and read more

Lunch and Learn: Software Monetization Strategies and Technology to Future-proof your Business

Gemalto and Aria Systems would like to extend an invitation for lunchto members of Austin Technology Council on May 12th at 12 noon at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse  and learn about software monetization strategies and technologies  to future-proof your business.
You’re probably thinking about how to  support subscription models for reoccurring revenue, and how the  Internet of Things (IoT) will impact  your business.  Learn about  software monetization solutions  that have been integral for Stryker’s business transformation. Join the discussion about how to  prepare for provisioning entitlements, what is usage/consumption models,   why is it important to measure customer engagement? And how to open up new markets for your products. Space is limited.

Invitation to the Austin A-List of the Hottest Startups 2016

Austin is on the rise and has incredible momentum and energy! Please join us in celebrating the catalysts of innovation and entrepreneurship that continue to make Austin so thriving and dynamic.
Please join us on May 11th to connect with Austin’s top investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, start up and late stage companies and VIP guests for the Austin A-List of the Hottest Startups Awards signature innovation event.

If members are interested in going, please email for a discount code