ATC Weekend Update | April 16, 2016

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Our CEO, Barbary Brunner, makes her first Weekend Update post
Consero recaps our CFO Dinner
Accenture and Data Analysis & Results Inc. share some food for thought
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Barbary Brunner, CEO, Austin Technology Council

Barbary Brunner,
Austin Technology Council

A Note from the CEO

While writing this, my first weekend update ever, I realized that I am exactly one month in to the role as CEO here at the Austin Technology Council.  It has been a whirlwind month to be sure; full of meeting after meeting with Board Directors, members of the ATC community, folks at the City Council, the Chamber, local Tech, Life Sciences and Education thought-leaders; as well as getting to know the great team in the ATC office and coming up to speed on everything we do.

I am grateful to have such an exceptional group of folks to work with.  Director of Operations, Quincy Cooper, Foundation Executive Director, Molly Young, Senior Strategy Advisor, Grover Bynum and our interns Val Rodriguez and Ross Kiernan are truly “A” players and are the perfect team to take the ATC to the next level.

This year will be filled with further building out the services, offerings and events we provide for our member community, and strengthening and extending our collaborative partnerships in the ecosystem.  As we do this, we will better define the ATC brand and vision and establish new opportunities for our members to connect with the people, partners and knowledge that help move their businesses forward, as well as participate collectively in giving back to the Austin community.

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to connect with all of you and I’m looking to hearing your feedback about what we do well to serve you and where we can improve and add to our offerings and events.  Much of our strength as a support organization and voice for tech and life sciences in the greater Austin community comes from those of you who join and participate in the ATC.  We have a great platform to start with, and exciting growth ahead of us as an organization and as a business community. I am grateful for the continuing support of our members and hope that more of you will do so as the year progresses.



Scott Tynes, CEO, Consero Global  

Scott Tynes,
Consero Global

How CFO’s Drive Value for the Companies They Serve

The CFO role continues to evolve to that of an architect of business value. If you think about value in terms of either driving faster growth, controlling costs and/or increasing enterprise value.
How do CFO’s drive value for the companies they serve? The thoughtful discussion at the ATC CFO Dinner on April 7th, 2016 gave us insight to that very question. Moderated by Scott Tynes from Consero Global, the panel of finance executives included: Phil Murray from Kimbia, Mel Tang from Sparefoot and April Downing from WP Engine. Together, they outlined a few tips on how to stay focused and drive strategic value for your company.


Digital Skills Help Narrow the Workplace Gender Gap

Digitally savvy women are helping to close the gender gap in the workplace. And digital fluency, the extent to which people embrace and use digital technologies to become more knowledgeable, connected and effective, plays a key role in helping women achieve gender equality and level the playing field.  A new research report from Accenture (NYSE:ACN), Getting to Equal: How Digital is Helping. Close  the Gender Gap at Work, provides empirical proof that women are using digital skills to gain an edge in preparing for work, finding work and advancing at work.  

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The Myth of the Successful Technical Project

With all types of #STEM projects there is a distinct tendency, especially among technicians, even those who are very senior (founders, CTOs), to think that the efficiency and beauty of their solution will drive adoption. This is akin to the Build a Better Mousetrap attitude. This is true only in some cases, just enough to give hope to those who feel it a waste of time and money to have an adoption campaign or similar efforts.